Orbital Harmony in the TRAPPIST-1 System Governs Planet Development

Seven Earth-size planets orbit the star TRAPPIST-1 in near-perfect harmony, and American and European researchers used that harmony to determine how much physical abuse the planets could have endured in their infancy. “Once the rocky planets form, things bump into them,” said astrophysicist Sean Raymond of the University of Bordeaux in France. “It’s called bombing, … Read more

Mars Breakthrough Peers Under The Red Planet’s Surface in Scientific First

Peering deeper below the surface of Earth can tell us a lot about its history and geological make-up, and it’s the same for any other planet. Now the InSight lander on the surface of Mars has provided our first in-depth look at what lies just beneath the red planet’s surface. The seismometer on board InSight … Read more

ASU team celebrates 20th anniversary of NASA’s Mars Odyssey Orbiter arrival at the Red Planet

November 19, 2021 This year, NASA is observing the 20th anniversary of the 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter, the longest-lived spacecraft at the Red Planet; and a mission that has helped locate water ice, find landing sites and study Mars’ mysterious moons. The spacecraft launched on April 7, 2001, and arrived at the Red Planet on … Read more

NASA scientists hope singing trees could help us reach another planet

By collecting data on their environment, trees can help tell the bigger story about what’s going on on our planet. Patrick Holland/CNET A spacecraft in low-Earth orbit singing a duet with trees down on Earth sounds like a scene out of a bizarre science fiction film. But if a group of NASA scientists and artists … Read more

Billionaires ‘plundering the planet’ with space trips, Oxfam says

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are two billionaires who have both been to space this year (Getty) Billionaires across the globe are ‘plundering the planet’ and placing the world in ‘graver danger’ from climate change, campaigners have warned. Jamie Livingstone, the head of Oxfam Scotland, hit out as new research showed that by the end … Read more

The Covid-19 permanently fractures the economies of the planet

Vaccinations against Covid-19, in a mobile center, in New Delhi, September 29, 2021. ALTAF QADRI / AP It’s a bit of a double penalty. In addition to having suffered the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected the economy of the entire planet, developing countries, which are hardest hit in terms of the number … Read more

NASA Will Smash A Spacecraft Into An Asteroid To Trial Saving The Planet

Dinosaurs had no warning and no way to defend themselves when an asteroid suddenly destroyed their existence 65 million years ago. Humans, understandably, want to avoid the same fate. A space program might protect humans from space-based threats, like massive asteroids headed toward Earth. With this in mind, NASA wants to smash a spacecraft into … Read more

who will pay to save the planet?

QUENTIN FALCOMPRESSED The good news first: limiting global warming to 1.5 ° C is possible. “The solutions are available, and many of them are inexpensive”, noted the International Energy Agency (IEA), Thursday, October 13. The bad news, known to all, is that the world is definitely not on the way to get there. To stay … Read more

Know How LEO satellite market is flourishing continuously from top key players SpaceX, Planet Labs, Boeing Company – videolix

LEO Satellite Market Overview 2021 The Global LEO Satellite Market research report has been carefully curated after studying and observing various factors that determine its growth such as: B. the ecological, economic, social, technological and political status of the regions mentioned. Thorough analysis of the sales, production, and manufacturers data gives a clear picture of … Read more

Kate Middleton, on the green carpet of the gala for the planet a recycled dress: she has already worn it

Kate Middleton recycles clothes and has also demonstrated it on the occasion of the Gala for the environment and the planet which took place in London. In view of the Cop26 conference the Duchess and Prince William presented the first edition ofEarthshot Prize. The initiative was created by the eldest son of Carlo e Diana, … Read more