Russia plans military offensive against Ukraine in early 2022, according to the United States | Joe Biden | Vladimir Putin | WORLD

The intelligence services of USA have determined that Russia is planning a possible military offensive against Ukraine It could start in early 2022 and would include some 175,000 troops, according to a US official. SIGHT: Ukraine says Russia accumulates 94,000 troops on border and fears “major escalation” The new finding calculates that half of the … Read more

NASA Plans to Retire the Space Station in 2030 and Replace it with Commercially Owned “Destinations” in Low Earth Orbit

While it may seem like the International Space Station is just now fully hitting its stride as far as scientific output and the ability for crew rotations from several different spacecraft, the ISS has been operating with astronauts on board for over 21 years. Knowing the modules and entire physical structure cannot endure the long-term … Read more

Disney plans to invest 33 billion in new content during 2022

Disney will increase its investment in content by about $ 8 billion in fiscal 2022. Right now, the fact that Disney is pouring money into its productions shouldn’t surprise anyone. La Casa del Ratón owns subsidiaries such as Lucasfilm, Pixar, National Geographic, Marvel Studios, 20th Century Studios and channels like ABC, FX Networks y Hulu. … Read more

Virgin Orbit reveals cause of failed May test launch, and its future plans

A Launcher One rocket detaching from its carrier plane. Virgin Orbit Some bum plumbing kept Virgin Orbit from getting to space during a demonstration launch in May, the company revealed Monday. Specifically, it was “a breach in the high-pressure line carrying cryogenic Liquid Oxygen (LOX) to our first stage combustion chamber due to a component … Read more

Politicians are tackling the issue of fees on retirement savings plans

“We have a challenge in front of us, it is the rise of the discourse on the expenses in terms of retirement savings plan”, confided mid-September Bernard Le Bras, chairman of the board of Suravenir, in front of an assembly of journalists. The insurer had obviously felt the tide, after the publication during the summer … Read more

Murg: “A challenge for me”: New Murger Fasnachtsgötti and director of the legendary film gives insights into film work and future plans

Mr Morla, you recently took center stage in Murg with your film about the Helgeringer Maidli. How did you come into contact with the Murg Fools’ Guild? First of all, Roland Ebner asked me at short notice to make a film with the ferry masters. As a result, the idea arose to film the legend … Read more

Seven Plans For The Weekend: Light Show In Vitoria, The Book Fair, Concerts, Exhibitions …

Plans in Álava Vitoria-Gasteiz will experience a weekend full of emotions with the lighting of many parts of the city for the celebration of the Umbra Light Festival. Three days are coming where culture will flood the Basque capital with books and photographs, it will be the last opportunity to visit the Book Fair and … Read more

“Orbital Reef”: Blue Origin becomes more specific with plans for its own space station | 11/08/21

• The company Blue Origin plans to complete its own space station within this decade • Blue Origin cooperates with the aerospace companies Sierra Space, Boeing and Redwire Space • Other companies such as Voyager Space have also submitted plans for their own space station Living and working in space The space company Blue Origin … Read more

Blue Origin reveals plans for future commercial space station called Orbital Reef

Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight venture Blue Origin announced plans to build its own free-flying space station today. Called Orbital Reef, the future space station will begin operating in the second half of this decade, according to Blue Origin, providing a place for researchers, industrial and commercial customers, and international partners to visit and work. Blue Origin … Read more