To avoid poisonous caterpillars, birds also trust plants

Blooddrop butterfly. CALLUM MCLELLAN Zoology. The blooddrop butterfly is an attraction. Adult, it sports on the outside of each of its black wings a bright red exclamation mark to which are added, on the back, two spots of the same carmine color. Attention danger ! Its potential predators are thus warned: even hungry, it is … Read more

“Hypocrite”: Amazon attacks Elon Musk and SpaceX with poisonous words

It is anything but a secret that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and SpaceX boss Elon Musk are not exactly close friends. Musk recently made fun of Bezos and his company is now responding with a toxic FCC complaint. Amazon versus SpaceX or Jeff Bezos versus Elon Musk: This is essentially something like Goliath versus Goliath. … Read more