Telephone call from Biden and Putin: “Deeply concerned” about Russian deployment – foreign policy

Washington / Moscow – Can this phone call defuse the Ukraine conflict? In light of the tensions surrounding Ukraine, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will speak on the phone on Thursday. A US government official said on Wednesday that Biden wanted to offer Putin a “diplomatic path forward”. “But we are … Read more

Brussels: Serious Corona riots in the heart of Europe – 35,000 on demo – News abroad

Now there is a bang in the heart of Europe! Around 35,000 people marched through downtown Brussels on Sunday to demonstrate against the tightened Corona measures. Including: at least 1,000 violent criminals. The rioters set off smoke bombs, throw large stones, bottles and firecrackers at police officers. With twins they fire marbles at the emergency … Read more

Refugees on the border with Poland: Belarus dictator insults EU policy abroad

In the dispute over the organized refugee drama at the border fence between Belarus and Poland, dictator Alexander Lukashenko (67) launched a verbal attack against the European Union! In an interview broadcast on Belarusian state television, the dictator accuses the EU of waging a “hybrid war”. Then he cursed the European heads of state: “You … Read more

Glasgow: climate summit of double standards – participants come in private jet policy abroad

First the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles (72) in Rome, demanded “a huge war-like campaign” against climate change, then he jetted to Glasgow in a completely un-eco-friendly private jet – to the 26th World Climate Summit! The British prince was not alone: ​​at least 52 corporate executives and celebrities (including Amazon founder Jeff … Read more

Austria’s new Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg: oath of loyalty for a short time! – Politics abroad

It was his first statement as Chancellor – and his oath of loyalty to Sebastian Kurz could not have been clearer! Alexander Schallenberg (52) emphasized that he would work “very closely” with Kurz (35) and said that the allegations against Kurz were “wrong” from his point of view. More loyalty is not possible! Schallenberg and … Read more

“Decidedly against anti-Semitism” – Merkel’s clear message to her successor – politics abroad

Jerusalem – It was the sixth visit by Angela Merkel (67, CDU) to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial – and the last as Federal Chancellor. The Chancellor traveled to Israel for two days at the weekend, met the new President Jitzchak Herzog (61) and the Israeli cabinet of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (49) for a … Read more

Economic crisis in Lebanon: power supply collapses – economy

The economic crisis in Lebanon is getting worse! Now even the power supply from state providers has completely collapsed. The two largest power plants still running had ceased operations on Friday and Saturday due to a lack of fuel, the state electricity authority EDL announced. The power outage is expected to last several days, said … Read more

Austria: Raid in the Chancellery in Vienna – Chancellor Sebastian Kurz under suspicion. He vehemently rejects the allegations. – Politics abroad

Serious allegations against Austria Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. The Austrian public prosecutor’s office accuses him of infidelity, bribery and corruption. Kurz and his team are said to have allegedly used criminal methods on their way to power in the party and state. Investigators arrived on Wednesday to secure materials in the Chancellery, the ÖVP headquarters, the … Read more

Invasion in the airspace: China flies with 39 fighter jets over Taiwan – Politics abroad

Tensions between China and Taiwan are noticeably increasing. The People’s Republic sees the island state as part of its national territory that needs to be retaken. And with all his might! The Chinese Air Force re-entered Taiwan’s airspace on Saturday with fighter planes. The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said that 20 Chinese fighter jets first appeared … Read more

Taliban and Iran – Maas negotiates with the most dangerous Islamist regimes – Politics abroad

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (54, SPD) said shortly before the start of the 76th UN General Assembly in New York that he hopes for a new era after US President Trump (75). But the new unity that Maas wanted to promote with the “Alliance for Multilateralism”, which was proclaimed during Trump’s term of office, suffered … Read more