Polish accents in the proposals for new NASA scientific missions

Arcus i Gamow Explorer These are two proposals for space missions prepared by NASA teams, in which Polish participation was recognized. In the announcement of December 10 this year. The Polish Space Agency indicates that it has negotiated the participation of Polish scientists in these endeavors. The indigenous involvement in the proposed new MIDEX missions … Read more

Col. Marcin Mazur officially appointed vice-president of POLSA

The approval of the candidacy of Col. Marcin Mazur for the position of the Vice-President of the Agency proposed by the Polish Space Agency was notified on the POLSA website and in social media. Until his appointment, Col. Marcin Mazur was the Head of the Image Recognition Department in the General Staff of the Polish … Read more

Polish space sector at Space Tech Expo Europe 2021

Space Tech Expo in Bremen is considered the largest business event (B2B) from the perspective of the European space industry. This year, representatives of the regional sector present their offer and talk about planned projects for three days. The fair in Germany was opened on November 16 this year. “Keynotes from Eurpean Space Leaders” panel. … Read more

Concepts of extraterrestrial missions to suit higher ambitions. POLSA selected the contractors

Among those indicated on November 10 this year contractors of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) were both enterprises and research and development centers, mainly within the notified target consortia. The indicated topics of implementation are divided into parts – from I to IV, corresponding to: scientific missions in the field of observational astronomy, celestial body … Read more

Polish Ambassador ’21. President of POLSA among those distinguished “for building a country brand in the world”

The annual KGHM “Ambassador of Poland” plebiscite is intended to award people “who in various fields, thanks to their talent and commitment, promote Poland around the world”. As in previous years, among the nominees there were several dozen people – scientists, artists, sportsmen and social activists. The honorary patronage over the event was assumed by … Read more

Poland joins Artemis Accords. POLSA and NASA agreement in Dubai

The agreement was reached during the 72nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in the United Arab Emirates. They were signed by representatives of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) and the United States National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) – in the person of the President of POLSA, Professor Grzegorz Wrochna, and Pamela A. Melroy, acting as … Read more

Cooperation between POLSA and the Gdańsk Hevelianum. Competition for students and many others

Cooperation for education, promotion of science among children, adolescents and adults (especially inhabitants of the Pomeranian region), as well as joint promotion of knowledge in the field of exact and natural sciences, in particular astronautics, astronomy and issues related to space exploration – these are the main assumptions of the signed on October 8 br. … Read more

Who will create the concepts of space missions for POLSA? The tender competition has started

The Polish Space Agency has announced a tender competition for the implementation of the concept of space missions (combined with a feasibility assessment) with full or significant Polish involvement. This is the first of the announced series of such orders from POLSA – the concepts currently ordered are to relate to, among others: methods of … Read more

President of POLSA on Space24 TV – about the space program, cooperation and concepts of Polish missions

“When the National Space Program enters into force, we will have 5 years to implement it – we do not want to waste the first year thinking about what to start here, what to do here; we want everyone to be prepared for it, in blocks startups “- announced the president of the Polish Space … Read more

POLSA commissioned an analysis of the ability to develop and use suborbital rockets

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, commissioned by the Polish Space Agency (POLSA), will prepare a feasibility study by the end of 2021, the purpose of which will be to provide analyzes related to the construction of Polish capabilities in the field of sub-orbital missile flights. The works will be carried out in cooperation with the … Read more