Squid Game: characters are now charming Funko Pop figures

It was possibly only a matter of time, but here it is: a collection of Funko Pop figures from Squid Game just announced this Friday. • Read also: Squid Game: Actors Explain Why English Scenes Are Insanely Bad • Read also: Squid Game: 18 accessories to get if you love the series With the effigy … Read more

Six Songs to Discover the Brazilian Scene of Bedroom Pop

As the name suggests, bedroom pop [‘pop de quarto’, em tradução livre] is the creation of music at home, specifically, in the bedroom. Although it has gained a lot of strength throughout the pandemic, the genre does not present a new concept, quite the contrary; songs made and produced in home spaces have been around … Read more

Five Records That Prove How Brazilian Pop Lives A Great Moment in 2021

Sufferings, romances and dancing or melodic sounds are an indisputably unavoidable and accurate fusion. In brief words, this formula was first introduced in the 1950s in the United States and United Kingdom, the so-called pop music. Due to the excellent receptivity, the pattern has been repeated multiple times since then, acquiring new shapes, structures and … Read more

Choa Ex Crayon Pop Married This Year’s Christmas : Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL– Good news coming from Choa eks Crayon Pop. He is rumored to be getting married this Christmas. “Choa will be holding his wedding on December 25 at an undisclosed location in Seoul,” said Happy Married Company, as quoted from the website. Soompi, Friday (10/29/2021). READ ALSO: – – The former Crayon Pop member will … Read more

Honest pop generation Z: Conan Gray will come to Prague for the first time

Conan Gray, the pop king of Generation Z, a favorite of Taylor Swift and Sir Elton John and the author of the viral hits “Heather” and “Maniac”, is finally embarking on a long-planned world tour. This will stop on May 14, 2022 in the Karlín Forum in Prague. Australian musician and rapper Mallrat will perform … Read more

They always went on the path of bloodless pop rock on their debut “Love is the most”

Four years have passed since Michal Malátný and František Táborský decided to dismiss the remaining four members after the Chinaski concert at the O2 arena – Ota Petřina, Štěpán and Ondřej Škochova and Petr Kužvart. The last two mentioned in 2019 they founded a new band Napořád, with which they are now releasing the album … Read more

Les Enfants sing pop in their own way on the album “Brilla”

From September 10, 2021 is available in store digital Shine, new album by Children. The disc was anticipated by the single Don’t love each other, Released to February; and from the song Subtract with me, released ad April 2021. The record, released for Costello’s Records with distribution The Orchard, is an expression of the way … Read more

Madness ft. Merifiore is the new single from the electro pop project

Out of Context launch the new song Folly following the debut single In disarray. For the occasion Out of Context duet with the singer-songwriter Merifiore. Folly is the second single of the Salento electro pop project Out of Context, distributed on digital platforms by Tunecore and available on Youtube. The video clip is directed by … Read more

Michael Jackson Would Turn 63: 5 Moments The “King Of Pop” Changed The World Of Music

Magazine Rolling Stone described young Michael as a “prodigy” with “overwhelming musical gifts” who “quickly emerged as the main attraction and lead singer.” The group set a chart record when their first four singles “I Want You Back” (1969), “ABC” (1970), “The Love You Save” (1970) and “I’ll Be There” (1970) reached number one in … Read more

Circle of monoliths pop up around Toronto’s flying saucer pavilion

Toronto has a new set of monoliths stationed around the city’s odd space-age park pavilion. The mirrored, oblong structures circle the Oculus Pavilion, located trailside on the southern end of the Humber River. Unlike the monoliths that appeared on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 in the Humber Bay area (later the arrival was spotted on … Read more