At 30 or 40 years old, resume studies to “broaden the field of possibilities”

ISABEL ESPANOL The day Thibault Ponthier is getting married, he knows that guests will come from all over the world and that fellow students from the 2020 Harvard Master of Business Administration (MBA) class will make the trip. The happy event is irrelevant, but the 32-year-old uses this formula to prove that his recent degree … Read more

One city, desires, five possibilities: Bordeaux

MORNING LIST Frolic on the right bank in its landscaped wastelands, let yourself be carried away by the stories of “urban scouts”, navigate through history at the Mer Marine Museum, reconcile the Atlantic and the Mediterranean thanks to the colors of the painters which are reflected in the basins of light, dreaming in the dark … Read more

“The Paper House”: The Possibilities Of A Spin-off, According To Its Creator Álex Pina

Will there be a spin-off of “The Money Heist“? The Netflix series has become one of the television phenomena of recent years. The story, created by Álex Pina, has managed to position itself on the streaming platform, which will premiere season 5 on December 3, 2021. But will this be the end of the story … Read more

The “metaverse” or the crazy dream of a parallel universe of all possibilities

Futuristic concert by Travis Scott, on “Fortnite”, in April 2020. BACKGRID UK/ BESTIMAGE When they saw the announcement of the latest fundraiser from video game giant Epic Games, the less geeky observers must have scratched their heads. This April 13, 2021, the American company, at the initiative of the game Fortnite, claimed that this inflow … Read more