In Morocco, on the El Hank peninsula, two worlds coexist, in a striking postcard of social inequalities

By Aurélie Collas Posted today at 01:13 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageOn one side, a row of chic restaurants and beautiful villas, on the other, a shanty town. On the Casablanca seafront, no one is surprised by this great social gap, unchanged for decades. It is a peninsula in the middle of the Casablanca seafront. … Read more

NASA’s Rover Curiosity Sends A Beautiful Postcard To Earth

An artistic interpretation of Curiosity’s view atop a Martian mountain was created by mission team members who were impressed by the breathtaking landscape. NASA’s Curiosity rover captured a remarkable image from its most recent position on the Mt. Sharp side of Mars. The mission team was so inspired by the beauty of the landscape that … Read more