the prefect of police takes legal action for “massive fraud with counterfeit banknotes”

Supporters of the Liverpool club blocked in front of the gates of the Stade de France who show, disappointed, their place bought – for some several hundred euros – for the final of the Champions League on Saturday May 28, in Saint-Denis. CHRISTOPHE ENA / AP The controversy takes a legal turn. The Paris police … Read more

In Corsica, relations are strained between Simeoni and the prefect

Gilles Simeoni, President of the Corsican Executive Council. PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA / AFP How far can the arm wrestling between the Community of Corsica and the government go? Two timid rallies organized on Saturday, December 4, in front of the prefectures of Ajaccio and Bastia reflect this rise in pressure from Femu a Corsica (“Let’s make … Read more

the prefect of Guadeloupe institutes a curfew this evening due to “acts of vandalism”

Prefect Alexandre Rochatte says he takes into account “fires of public property, roadblocks, throwing stones at the police, mortar fire” committed as part of the protests that began five days ago. Article written by Posted on 11/19/2021 9:43 PM Update the 11/19/2021 10:23 PM Reading time : 1 min. The prefect of Guadeloupe has decided … Read more

the Paris police prefect Didier Lallement lays a wreath “in memory of the dead”

The Paris police prefect, Didier Lallement, laid a wreath of flowers at the Saint-Michel bridge in Paris on Sunday morning in tribute to the victims of October 17, 1961. JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP The prefect of police of Paris, Didier Lallement, laid a wreath of flowers near the Seine, Sunday, October 17 in the … Read more

the former prefect of Loire-Atlantique indicted for “manslaughter”

In Nantes, July 29, 2019. LOIC VENANCE / AFP Claude d’Harcourt, the prefect of Loire-Atlantique stationed at the time of the death in 2019 of Steve Maia Caniço in Nantes during a controversial police operation, has been indicted, said Thursday evening October 14, the Rennes prosecutor, Philippe Astruc. “This day, the prefect of Loire-Atlantique at … Read more

the prefect of Loire-Atlantique at the time indicted for manslaughter

Claude d’Harcourt is now being prosecuted in this case, as are already his chief of staff at the time and the police commissioner in charge of the security system at the time of the facts. Article written by Posted on 10/14/2021 11:04 PM Update on 10/14/2021 11:21 PM Reading time : 1 min. The prefect … Read more

the former chief of staff of the prefect indicted for “manslaughter”

Event in tribute to Steve Maia Caniço, June 21, 2021. LOIC VENANCE / AFP A second actor in the drama that occurred during the 2019 Music Festival in Nantes is found in turmoil. Thursday July 22, the Rennes examining magistrate David Bénichou, responsible for establishing the possible faults that led to the death of Steve … Read more