Dhini Aminarti and Dimas Seto Try to Undertake Pregnancy Program : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Married couple Dimas Seto and Dhini Aminarti has not been blessed with children after 12 years of wading through the household. As a form of effort, the couple was seen visiting one of the clinics to consult a gynecologist and andrologist recently. It is shared Dhini Aminarti through a post on his personal Instagram. … Read more

Dancing with the stars, imminent delivery for Veera Kinnunen. Exceptional godmother for her son: that’s who she is

They are missing a few months before delivery: planned to December the birth of the first child of Veera Kinnunen, the dancer of Dancing with the Stars. The Swedish is waiting for a little boy from his new companion, he judoka Salvatore Mingoia. Still uncertain the name of the unborn child: the couple is considering … Read more

GF Vip, love between Amedeo Goria and Vera? For now, only quarrels. Live, Amedeo thundered: “Apologize to Guenda”

“Love is not beautiful if it is not a quarrel” goes an old proverb. But there are those who exaggerate, putting love in second place. The “couple” more chat of the last few weeks, Amedeo Goria and Vera Miales, protagonist of bizarre scene televisive, come back to talk about himself. The last act of their … Read more

“Hercai”: Yaren’s Pregnancy And Füsun’s Plans

The Turkish soap opera “Hercai”Continues to surprise its viewers with the passing of its new episodes, always loaded with drama, murders, revenge, among other condiments that have made the show one of the most watched on Spanish television. Every Saturday it has become a rule to follow Miran’s story and Reyyan, the couple that must … Read more

Her pregnancy was ridiculed, Lesti Kejora: Whatever Dede, leave it to God: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The couple Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar shared their feelings regarding the scorn that they often get after marriage. This is of course related to the recognition that the two have been married in a series in April 2021. Not only that, Billar’s confession regarding the news of his wife’s pregnancy also drew … Read more

Nikita Willy Announces Pregnancy, Indra Priawan Crys : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Willy announced the news of her first pregnancy. Through her Youtube Channel account, this 27-year-old woman seems to share videos of herself telling her husband about her pregnancy, precisely when they were on vacation in Bali. In the video, Nikita admitted that she was 5 days late for her period. This made … Read more

Meggy Wulandari Reluctant to Talk About Pregnancy with New Husband: Afraid of Ain : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Happiness is being felt by Kiwil’s ex-wife, Meggy Wulandari. Because she is pregnant with her first child with her new husband, H. Muhammad. The contents are now entering the age of six weeks. Even so, Meggy Wulandari seems reluctant to talk much about her pregnancy, she is worried about being affected by another disease. … Read more

Helene Fischer is pregnant! Why baby timing couldn’t be better – folks

All of Germany is waiting for this baby. Super star Helene Fischer (37) becomes a mother for the first time! BILD learns this exclusively from the very tightest environment of the singer. A confidante of Helene and her partner Thomas Seitel (36): “Helene is in her fourth month, the baby should be born in February … Read more

Atta Halilintar: Savas Fresh Threatens and Curses Aurel Hermansyah’s Pregnancy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – No camera highlight, Atta Halilintar it turns out that they have policed ​​a content creator with Savas Fresh who slandered his mother. The 28-year-old man claimed that Lenggogeni Faruk had a debt of Rp. 400 million to someone named Ummi Afif. The problem turned out to be wide until the content creator ‘attacked’ … Read more