Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Company Prepares Human Trials

The company of brain implants Elon Musk, Neuralink, is now hiring a director of clinical trials, an indication that the company’s goal of implant chips in human brains is getting closer. The trial director job would oversee long-promised human trials for its medical device startup, according to the job posting. The implante cerebral de Neuralink, … Read more

Space tourism prepares for take off

&nbsp Author: Lana Crowe, Features Writer January 20, 2022 Once dominated by national space agencies, private companies are revolutionising the technology-constricted space travel industry. Exciting scientific developments are funded by impressive levels of investment: in 2017, 120 venture capital funds put $3.9bn into commercial space companies. While most private aerospace companies are research-focused, a market … Read more

US intelligence says Russia prepares operation to justify invasion of Ukraine

Does Russia have an unwillingness to reduce tension with Ukraine? 2:51 (CNN) –– The United States has information indicating that Russia has prepared in advance a group of agents to carry out a “false flag” operation in eastern Ukraine, a US official told CNN on Friday, in an attempt to create a pretext for an … Read more

Canberra company Skykraft prepares to launch satellites onboard SpaceX rocket

In an unassuming building on the old Canberra Institute of Technology campus in Reid, the largest ever Australian-made payload to go into space is being assembled. Key points: Seven satellites made in Canberra are being prepared for launch on a SpaceX rocket next year Skykraft’s executive chairman Mark Skidmore says commercial space launch companies have caused … Read more

Aurel Hermansyah’s Story Prepares Atta Halilintar’s Special Birthday : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Happiness is being felt by phenomenal Youtuber Atta Halilintar. On November 20, 2021, Aurel Hermansyah just gave a special surprise to her husband, Atta Halilintar, who was celebrating his 27th birthday. With the help of the team and family, Aurel’s wish finally came true. Atta Halilintar’s birthday event was held on Saturday (20/11/2021). … Read more

The Burmese army prepares a major offensive against the resistance

General Min Aung Hlaing, head of the Burmese junta, in Naypyidaw, in March 2021. STRINGER / REUTERS Faced with growing armed resistance in several parts of the country, the Tatmadaw, the Burmese army, is preparing to launch the offensive, with the arrival of the dry season in the coming weeks, say observers of the country. … Read more

William Shatner Prepares To Be Oldest Person Ever To Travel Into Space – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Legendary actor William Shatner is set to become the older person to launch into space when he blasts off from West Texas Wednesday morning aboard a Blue Origin rocket. William Shatner speaks at New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center on Oct. 7, 2021, in New York City. (Getty … Read more

SpaceX prepares Starship launch tower’s rocket-catching arms for installation

SpaceX has begun preparing its Starbase ‘launch tower’ for the installation of a pair of giant arms designed to lift, stack, and even catch Starships and Super Heavy boosters out of mid-air. Deemed ‘Mechazilla’ by CEO Elon Musk, assembly of first of the structure’s three main arms only began in earnest in June 2021. That … Read more

Lake County News,California – Space News: NASA’s Lucy mission prepares for launch to Trojan asteroids

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) Centaur stage for NASA’s Lucy mission is lifted by crane into the Vertical Integration Facility near Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021. The Lucy spacecraft is scheduled to launch no earlier than Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021, on a ULA … Read more