This SpaceX Render of Starship Separating with Super Heavy Booster is ‘Pretty Close’ to the Actual Thing Says Elon Musk

A SpaceX render of the Starship, and Super Heavy Booster rocket that is separating in midair has been released by a fan of the company, and it was regarded by Elon Musk as something accurate to the real one. The Starship venture still awaits its license to be passed by the regulating agency, the Federal … Read more

These pretty women dare the experiment of a lifetime

“Wedding at first sight” is starting a new round. The KURIER reveals which women are there and what made them participate. Sat.1 Do I give marriage vows to this completely unknown person? A person I didn’t know until now, never talked to him, never touched him, never kissed him? Do I trust the experienced experts … Read more

Hands On: Tales Of Arise Sword Art Online DLC Is Expensive But Pretty Cool

It’s a crossover we didn’t see coming: Tales of Arise recently received a premium DLC pack that lets you battle Kirito and Asuna from Sword art online. The unimaginative ‘Sword Art Online Collaboration Pack’ is currently available for purchase from PlayStation Store – but is it really worth the hefty price tag? We went ahead … Read more

Richard Gere’s best roles, from ‘Pretty Woman’ to ‘Invisibles’ – Celebs.Cool

Forty years ago the movie ‘American Gigolo’ hit theaters, a film that was a before and after in Richard Gere’s career. The actor known for being one of the kings of romantic films, was born in Philadelphia in 1949 and at the age of thirty he began to emerge in Hollywood thanks to films such … Read more

“Listen, pretty Marcia”, “The day I met Bin Laden”, “Asphalt Blues” … Comic books to devour

MORNING LIST Rio de Janeiro, Antananarivo, Pakistan, the Kerguelen Islands… Our September list gives pride of place to distant destinations. “Listen, pretty Marcia”: tragicomedy against a backdrop of urban violence HERE AND THERE Relentless columnist of Brazilian society, Marcello Quintanilha (Tungsten, Glass talc) delivers a new story mixing earthiness and gravity, his trademark. Her heroine, … Read more

The kiss of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, 25 years after Pretty Woman – Celebs.Cool

Coordinate the agendas of two Hollywood heavyweights as they are Julia Roberts and Richard Gere It should not be an easy task, but not every day is the 25th anniversary of a film that launched them both into the Olympus of the gods of the seventh art. It has been the American television network, NBC, … Read more

“Deconfined! »Looks pretty for his second season on LCP

Maïtena Biraben and Rachida Dati at the Musée d’Orsay, in Paris, in the program “Déconfinés! », On LCP. NICOLAS KOVARIK/AGENCE 1827 LCP – FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24 AT 8:30 PM – MAGAZINE “Deconfined! “Is a product directly derived from the pandemic and the various confinements experienced by the French since March 2020, and, more particularly, by … Read more

Alejandra, ‘rich’ and ‘pretty’, the Spanish woman who conquered Richard Gere – Celebs.Cool

Related news Richard Gere (68 years old) and Alejandra Silva (35) have already been married. The wicked and wicked will tell you that this tender girl has given the fly of the century with the Hollywood actor, but here I am to deny it. That the girl, as the gossip insinuates, is something of a … Read more

Rebecca Schaeffer, The Actress Killed By A Fan Who Could Star In ‘Pretty Woman’ Before Julia Roberts

Let’s talk about Pretty Woman, that iconic romantic comedy classic that still continues to wreak havoc on television reruns. It was the starting gun for Julia Roberts’ career, but did you know that there were other actresses who could have fulfilled the same dream before her? Especially one in particular, who was murdered at home … Read more