The energy performance of housing imposes a “green value” which influences their price

A real estate agency in La Gacilly (Morbihan) displays energy performance diagnostics in its ads. ALAIN LE BOT / PHOTONONSTOP / ALAIN LE BOT / PHOTONONSTOP The Climate and Resilience law of August 22 declares war on the nearly 5 million thermal strainers in France, in other words energy-intensive housing, and provides for significant legal … Read more

Inflation: This price turnaround promises a delicate scenario for Germany

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this YouTube video reproduces the Netflix series in real conditions, a price of 456,000 dollars at the key

A YouTube video organized a Squid Game competition in real conditions. Dressed in the famous costumes from the Netflix series, the participants took on the challenges seen in the episodes of the show. The key to this good-natured competition was a prize of $ 456,000. Since arriving in the Netflix catalog, Squid Game has encountered … Read more

Hospices de Beaune wine auction breaks price record

The 161st Hospices de Beaune auction, November 21, 2021. OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP The 161e The Hospices de Beaune auction, which serves as the primary indicator for the prices of the great Burgundy wines, recorded record prices on Sunday, November 21, for a vintage marked by a historically low harvest. “Absolutely amazing”, summarized François Poher, … Read more

Original copy of US Constitution auctioned for record price

The original copy of the US Constitution auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York on November 18, 2021. YUKI IWAMURA / AFP An original copy of the US Constitution of 1787, one of the last in circulation, was auctioned Thursday evening, November 18, in New York for $ 43.2 million (about 38 million euros), commissions included. … Read more

Virgin Galactic: “Demand for our sub-orbital flights above forecast despite higher price”

Virgin Galactic shares gained 5% on the later trading session in reaction to the publication of quarterly results and further expansion plans for the company. The main catalyst for growth was the statement by CEO Michael Colglazier, who said he saw a strong demand for space tourism. Virgin Galactic is selling seats faster than expected, … Read more

How to sell your home at the right price when the real estate market is slowing

Online valuation tools do not allow these details to be included in the valuation, which are not – the fact that the accommodation has pleasant views or suffers from vis-à-vis, that the setting is noisy or quiet, whether or not the volumes are clear, etc. WAVEBREAK MEDIA / PHOTONONSTOP After very dynamic months, the real … Read more