“This is the real reason for the Princess’s hospitalization”

There is no peace for Charlène of Monaco. A new background calls into question the real reasons for the hospitalization of the princess, who left the Principality several days ago to settle in a specialized center in Switzerland, perhaps in Zurich. If at the beginning it was feared that Covid or even a tumor was … Read more

the princess’s full dress has already departed

Everything is ready in Monaco for the Fete du Prince, but above all for celebrate the return of his princess. Prince Albert of Monaco he promised it. “There Princess Charlene he will return to Monaco for the National Day on November 19th ». And so it was. After spending a few months in her hometown … Read more

Celebrate Princess’s Birthday, Zaskia Gotik: Thank You For Being in Mother’s Life : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Singer Zaskia Gotik and husband Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang celebrate the birthday of their daughter, Arsila Bungalia Sirkiani, who is now one year old. Zaskia shared sweet moments of birthday celebrations through her Instagram account, Monday 8 November 2021. Also Read: Welcoming the excitement of KDI 2021, Zaskia Gotik is ready to make quality … Read more