Prince Harry wants to pay for the escort and threatens legal battle against the British government

After the refusal of the British Home Office the principe Harry battles in court to pay for it out of his own pocket buffer stock provided to him, Meghan Markle and family by the police when in the UK. The Duke of Sussex would like to charge for the expenses thus obtaining a private escort … Read more

Harry and Meghan could lead to the end of the British monarchy

The bombshell interview by Harry e Meghan issued in March a Oprah Winfrey risks compromising the fate of the British monarchy, which due to the Sussexes could soon be called upon to face a wave of republican sentiment on the part of many former British colonies. Harry and Meghan’s accusations against the royal family Within … Read more

Meghan Markle, the victory against the UK media

Victory for Meghan Markle. The wife of the principe Harry she managed to get the better of the British media and assert her right to privacy before the courts, avoiding the hype of a possible third trial. The Court of Appeal confirmed the first instance ruling, according to which the Daily Mail is guilty of violating … Read more

“It ended early, I was lucky”

Before Meghan Markle entered his heart, he principle Harry he had other stories. Ex-girlfriend, model Florence St George, she admitted that she felt very fortunate in how her affair with the Duke of Sussex went. The two dated briefly in 2011, as the Independent recalls. Read also> Queen Elizabeth, the return: at the Windsor ceremony … Read more

Meghan Markle, his brother writes a letter to Prince Harry: “I apologize”

The brother from Meghan Markle, Thomas, say “mea culpa” and apologize to he principle Harry. After the disagreements of the past years dating back above all to the period preceding the marriage of the dukes of Sussex, an apology comes through one letter. Thomas Markle Jr he wrote to his brother-in-law to be forgiven for … Read more

“Archie’s skin color?” It is right to ask “

Since when Meghan Markle e he principle Harry, parents of the child Archie, they accused of racism a member of the Royal family in the well-known interview given to Oprah Winfrey, many have wondered who they were referring to. A mystery that has remained unsolved, but what a second former English football star John Barnes, … Read more

visit to Harlem school with book reading and donation

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on the second day of their trip to New York they visited a school in Harlem. Meghan he read his children’s book, “The Bench,” to second grade pupils and with the prince Harry answered their questions. Read also> WhatsApp, the function for unwelcome chats arrives … Read more

Meghan and Harry humiliated at Emmy Awards? Presenter mocks her controversial interview with Oprah

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the victims of pranks on by Cedric the Entertainer, who last Sunday hosted the 73rd edition of the Emmy. Photo: AP Meghan and Harry humiliated at Emmy Awards? Presenter mocks her controversial interview with Oprah The actor and comedian took the opportunity to mention the controversial interview that … Read more

Meghan Markle, the scene of jealousy against Harry because of a polo player: the photo convict

Meghan Markle would not have liked a gesture from her husband, he principle Harry, photographed with a beautiful and seductive polo player. The Duchess of Sussex, responsible for Megxit and the removal from the United Kingdom, would not have an easy character (at least according to what people around her say) and therefore it seems … Read more

Lady D., 40 years ago the wedding with Carlo without a happy ending. Diana the first true influencer in history

It was the last fable of the Twentieth century, but without a happy ending. Tomorrow will be forty years of marriage between the prince Charles of England – the then most coveted bachelor in the world (rebellious to nuptials) as heir to the longest-lived and most powerful European monarchy – and lady Diana Spencer, virginal … Read more