‘We’ve Gone to the Moon, But There’s so Much More to Explore’: VOX Space’s Jeff Trauberman on Investing in Space for National Priorities

Jeff Trauberman, VOX Space Outside of government, space has traditionally been the domain of big, well-established entities. VOX Space is looking to change that. A wholly owned subsidiary of Virgin Orbit, the company offers a fresh take on satellite launch in support of the defense and intelligence communities. Jeff Trauberman, vice president of government affairs, … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal: “If I Hadn’t Changed My Priorities, I’d Have A Serious Problem Today”

Jake Gyllenhaal (Los Angeles, age 40) is learning to embrace the moment. “Nature has always been a place of rest for me and it is becoming more so” he says. “In the years before the pandemic I was very busy and the truth is that I did not have time to connect with it. One … Read more

Judge Blocks Biden’s Order Limiting ICE Arrest and Deportation Priorities | Univision Immigration News

The rules, which are part of the government’s new immigration policy, were limited to prioritizing foreigners who commit serious crimes. Judge Drew Tipton ruled that the policy violates congressional mandates, and that the states of Louisiana and Texas, which sued the order, were likely to be successful in their claim that the policy “violates the … Read more