“You will die quickly in a Russian jail”: Sergey Savelyev, the prisoner who leaked hundreds of videos of alleged abuses in Russian prisons

2 hours Caption, Sergey Savelyev is seeking asylum in France, after he leaked videos of alleged abuses inside a prison in Russia. Sergey Savelyev does not appear to be someone who has spent eight years in a Russian prison, secretly collecting videos of alleged torture and beatings of inmates. Short in stature, the 31-year-old Belarusian … Read more

Drug trafficking and overcrowding turn Ecuador’s prisons into a powder keg | International

Relatives of the prisoners ask the police officers around the Guayaquil jail for information about theirs.VICENTE GAIBOR DEL PINO (Reuters) Ecuador does not have enough space, money or control to keep almost 40,000 people locked up in its prisons. The latest riot in the Guayaquil prison raised the record of deaths to 118 in a … Read more

In Ecuador, state of emergency in prisons after the worst prison massacre in the country

Families of detainees await news outside the Littoral prison in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on Thursday, September 30, 2021. JOSE SANCHEZ / AP In Latin America, prison massacres follow one another and worsen. Tuesday, September 28, it was the Littoral prison, in the Ecuadorian port of Guayaquil, which was the scene of unspeakable violence. At least 118 … Read more

ICC prosecutor suspends investigation into torture in secret CIA prisons

A Taliban, at the top of the diving board of a disused swimming pool, at the top of the Wazir Akbar Khan hill, which dominates Kabul, on September 16. WILLIAM DANIELS FOR “THE WORLD” The International Criminal Court (ICC) is preparing to resume its investigation into crimes against humanity committed in Afghanistan by the Taliban … Read more

Ecuador declares “state of emergency” in its prisons

Ecuadorian soldiers near a prison in Cotopaxi province (center), Thursday, July 22, 2021. RODRIGO BUENDIA / AFP After new deadly riots in Ecuador, President Guillermo Lasso decreed, Thursday, July 22, ” emergency state “ in the country’s prisons in order to ” restore order “. The latest official report shows 22 dead and sixty wounded. … Read more

Colombia criticizes the dancing and provocations of Emiliano Martínez in prisons

El Tiempo, from Bogotá, criticized Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez for his conduct during penalties in the team’s victory over Colombia The images went around the continent. Emiliano “dra ”Martínez dancing, speaking to Colombian footballers during the penalty shootout of the Copa América semifinals. Emiliano Martínez, stopping. The Colombian media criticized the Argentine’s attitudes, and even … Read more

Gloria Trevi Was Recognized For Helping Children Born In Prisons

Gloria Trevi was recognized for her work in support of children through her foundation (Photo: Instagram / @ gloriatrevi) Gloria Trevi was recognized in the HEAT Latin Music Awards for her work with the foundation she created to help pregnant inmates and children born in prisons. The face-to-face event is taking place tonight from the … Read more