Teacher-researcher in management, a profession under observation

The discussion is an art of debate, of controversy that takes us back to the universities of the Middle Ages, where it was a teaching and research method. The section of the National Council of Universities (CNU) devoted to management sciences and management proposes to bring it up to date through a book published by … Read more

New Bachelor 2022: Permit, Dominik Stuckmann – age, profession, height & hobbies

RTL>broadcasts>show> December 27, 2021 – 8:25 am Clock As “The Bachelor” in 2022, Dominik wants to make history Dominik Stuckmann wants to “write his own story” in 2022 – as 12th Bachelor at RTL! He is a successful businessman, an ambitious athlete and not only at home in Frankfurt am Main, but also under the … Read more

“The complexity of the banking profession, highly regulated and so different from theirs, got the better of GAFA’s ambitions”

In Berlin, August 31, 2021. ANNEGRET HILSE / REUTERS Pertes & profits. Google gives up becoming a banker. He announced, Friday 1is October, the abandonment of his project entitled “Google Plex”. The idea, in the works for more than two years, was to offer users of the Google Pay payment system to open an account … Read more

Sule Change Profession So Paranormal? Find out at GTV Comedian Duo : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Sketch Duo Comedian GTV will carry the theme ‘Penawangan’, on Sunday (5/9/2021) night. The hosts, some apathetic judges, and Kokom Band personnel will be the ‘actors’ in this sketch. Kokom Band is a music group that often parodies popular songs while making jokes. Tonight, Sule will still play the Sultan who claims to … Read more

Bachelorette 2021: A portrait of Maxime Herbord – age, profession, height & Co.

RTL.de>broadcasts>show> 18. August 2021 – 10:23 clock Maxime Herbord is the 8th Bachelorette Now SHE is the focus: In 2018, Maxime Herbord was still collecting roses as a Bachelor candidate, but this summer she will change her perspective. The 26-year-old follows in the footsteps of Melissa Damilia, Nadine Klein & Co. and becomes the eighth … Read more

“Amine Adli must be able to fully exercise her profession!”, The UNFP press release against Damien Comolli

The wick lit by Damien Comolli in his interview, which announced this week thatAmine Adli was no longer available to Philippe Montanier for the matches, was strongly criticized by the UNFP. The National Union of Professional Footballers, which defends the players, has just published a long press release that we invite you to discover below … Read more

Cuban Actress Larisa Vega From Her Home In Florida: I Will Die Loving My Profession But Here I “live”

I have known her for many years, since we chatted at the ICRT hairdresser when we were both very young, she more than me. His permanent smile, his serene and sincere gaze, his low and sweet voice captivated all of us who went “on the air” with programs and newscasts or those who were going … Read more

Diversity within the medical profession

At age 33, Alexandra Bastiani, from Québec, became the country’s first black interventional cardiologist. Discussion with a woman with a head and (especially) heart in her search for inclusion and diversity in the medical profession. On July 26, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Leah CarrierPress Her patients nickname her “Singing Doctor” and they always play a … Read more

Senac Pindamonhangaba point out that hobbies can become a profession in the pandemic

In the short course Room Decoration, students learn to use basic techniques for harmonizing colors and lighting, in addition to choosing materials, coverings, furniture and decorative objects for environments. (Photo: Disclosure) Social isolation has awakened in many people the desire to transform environments. And what started as a hobby can become a profession. The area … Read more

Hobbies become a profession in the pandemic

Photo: publicity/Press Office Decorating environments is no longer fun to become a career Social isolation has awakened in many people the desire to transform environments. And what started as a hobby can become a profession. The area of ​​architecture and urbanism has gained prominence in the market due to the growing demand for services during … Read more