the Ridges of ‘South Séítah’ – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

Perseverance Rover’s View of ‘South Séítah’​: Composed of 84 enhanced-color images, this mosaic features a rover’s-eye view of the ‘South Séítah’ geologic unit of Mars’ Jezero Crater. Download image › NASA’s Perseverance rover captures a geologic feature with details that offer clues to the area’s mysterious past. Ask any space explorer, and they’ll have a … Read more

NASA’s IV &V program officials hold Kids Day in the Park

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – NASA’s IV&V held its annual Kids Day in the Park event on Thursday. More than 2,000 kids in West Virginia and across the nation tuned into the virtual event. They were able to learn about robotics, telescopes and aviation. Specialists presented ways to code robotics and talked about airplanes that they work with. “I think that … Read more

45th Mostra Internacional de Cinema: discover 5 selected titles that are among the most anticipated in the program

From October 21st to November 3rd, the 45th edition of the traditional Mostra Internacional de Cinema, in São Paulo, takes place in a hybrid exhibition format International Film Show. For two weeks, the show will feature 265 titles from various countries. The show is divided into sections: International Perspective, New Directors Competition and Mostra Brasil … Read more

Get in shape with StrongWill, the fitness program from Will Smith and Fitbit – Celebs.Cool

As we know, Will Smith joined the Fitbit family and made his public commitment to improving his health and well-being. The legendary rapper and actor is creating and preparing for Fitbit Premium an exclusive collection of comprehensive health guides. Six endorphin-pumping workouts and mindfulness sessions are available from Will Smith’s StrongWill program. From routines that … Read more

The death of Abdul Qadeer Khan, founder of the Pakistani nuclear program

Abdul Qadeer Khan, in Islamabad, December 24, 2003. MIAN KURSHEED / REUTERS Abdul Qadeer Khan was the “father” of the Pakistani atomic bomb. He died on October 10, at the age of 85, in Islamabad. This metallurgical engineer trained in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands was not only the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear program, but … Read more

With First Martian Samples Packed, Perseverance Initiates Remarkable Sample Return Mission – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

NASA, along with the European Space Agency, is developing a campaign to return the Martian samples to Earth. On Sept. 1, NASA’s Perseverance rover unfurled its arm, placed a drill bit at the Martian surface, and drilled about 2 inches, or 6 centimeters, down to extract a rock core. The rover later sealed the rock … Read more

US extends environmental review for SpaceX Starship program in Texas

The review looks at potential environmental impacts of SpaceX’s initial mission profile and reviews debris recovery, local road closures in Boca Chica and other issues. SpaceX’s Elon Musk gives an update on the company’s Mars rocket Starship in Boca Chica. (Photo: Reuters) The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Thursday it would extend the public … Read more

Touchdown! NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Safely Lands on Red Planet – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Lands Successfully on Mars: After a seven-month-long journey, NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully touched down on the Red Planet on Feb. 18, 2021. Mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California celebrate landing NASA’s fifth — and most ambitious — rover on Mars. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Download video › The agency’s latest … Read more

A new chapter in the epic of the oldest active Earth observation program

Earth observation satellite Landsat 9 took off at 20:12 (Polish time) from the Space Launch Complex-3 East launch complex, at the US Vandenberg base in California. 83 minutes after take-off, a ground station located in Svalbard (a Norwegian province in the Arctic) received signals from the instrument launched. The satellite reached its designated 705 km … Read more

The future of Russia’s Space program is bleak, Putin slashes space budget

Source:Parabolic Arc Space tourism is the future and only those space programs that are commercializing space tourism and hospitality will become the global leaders in this new niche of business, and maybe, Russia will not be one of those leaders. According to recent reports, Russia’s space program budgets have been slashed in half by Vladimir … Read more