The Country Where Guns N ‘Roses Promoters Get Big Money For Concert Postponements –

December 27, 2021 12:26 pmpublished by Drafting – The complicated pandemic situation is causing large tours to move to the following year, given the uncertainty that the omicron variant has caused on the scene. Not long ago Kreator and Lamb of God postponed their tour of Spain again and it would not be surprising if … Read more

Uncertainty Among Promoters Regarding The Measures For The Concerts

Among the measures announced yesterday by President Ximo Puig is the reduction of capacity for outdoor events from 4,000 to 3,000 spectators. As this newspaper has learned, few of the scheduled concerts had sold out and those that had sold the most barely reached 3,000 seats. Only the one that Aitana will offer today Friday … Read more

Transforming wastelands into ephemeral artistic places, a good plan for… promoters

Artists in the Kourtrajme cinema school district inside the “Buropolis” building, in Marseille, June 4, 2021. CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP It is a lambda office building, located in a thankless and out of town district of Marseille. In a year and a half, it will be demolished to make way for a housing bar. But … Read more

In the north of the West Bank, the strategic withdrawal of the wild colony of Evyatar sounds like a first victory for its promoters

In the wild settlement of Evyatar, opposite the Palestinian town of Beita, in the northern occupied West Bank, on July 1, 2021. ODED BALILTY / AP Just before leaving, the fifty or so families who had settled illegally in the wild colony of Evyatar erected a huge Star of David, facing the Palestinian town of … Read more