The Phenomenon of Online Prostitution Among Artists, Aura Kasih: That’s Lifestyle : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – As a public figure, Aura Kasih apparently also responded to the phenomenon of online prostitution among celebrities. According to him, many artists are willing to ‘sell themselves’ just for the sake of lifestyle. “Nowadays there are many who claim that celebrities are prostitution online. I think it’s a lifestyle,” said Aura Kasih, quoted … Read more

Famous Chinese pianist Li Yundi is arrested for soliciting prostitution, jeopardizing his career and lucrative advertising contracts

Published: 22 oct 2021 14:51 GMT During the investigations that led to the arrest of the ‘Prince of the Piano’, agents discovered that the musician regularly requested sexual services. The renowned Chinese pianist Li Yundi was arrested by elements of the Public Security Office in Beijing accused of soliciting prostitution, a situation that could put … Read more

In Marseille, twelve Nigerians convicted in a case of prostitution and “human trafficking”

The Marseille courthouse, March 15, 2021. NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP Twelve Nigerians – five women and seven men – were sentenced on Friday October 8 by the Marseille Criminal Court to prison terms ranging from two to nine years. They responded, in this vast case of prostitution, to acts of “trafficking in human beings”, “assistance … Read more

Past Revealed, Ayu Thalia Ever Involved in Prostitution and Performing Surgery? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Reported cases of abuse Ayu Thalia | over Nicholas Sean is now getting wider. Although denied, but not a few who accuse the influence just want social assistance through the case. Not only that, Ayu’s past was also dug up by netizens, one of them by the Twitter account @xvidgmbk. The owner of … Read more

Leading motion before meeting: CDU women for a ban on prostitution

As of: 08/27/2021 8:53 a.m. The CDU women’s union advocates a ban on prostitution. The chairwoman Widmann-Mauz announced this. Forced prostitution is already banned, but the Women’s Union does not go far enough. By Hans-Joachim Vieweger, ARD capital studio The Women’s Union wants to go beyond the prohibition of forced prostitution to fight prostitution in … Read more

Lawyer Says About Cynthiara Alona Removing Her Power During Prostitution Case Trial : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Models and actresses Cynthiara Alona It is known that he suddenly revoked the power of his lawyer, Halim Darmawan, in the second trial which was held on 12 August. Responding to this, the lawyer also admitted that there was no problem. “I’m from the second stage of the handover between the police and the … Read more

Denies Being Involved in Child Prostitution Cases, Cynthiara Alona Presents 2 Victim Witnesses at the Follow-Up Session : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Legal cases that befell Cynthiara Alona continues. The 36 woman underwent a third follow-up trial which was held at the Tangerang District Court, Tangerang City, Thursday (19/8/2021). In this trial, the power of law Cynthiara Alona present two witnesses who are minors. The model still denies her involvement in the case of prostitution of … Read more

Young people against prostitution want more penalties for those who buy sex

The meeting is organized by the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights (PPDM) and its president, Ana Sofia Fernandes, has no doubts in classifying prostitution as “a markedly gendered phenomenon”, in which women are victims and men exploiters of a “commodification of the body” and aggressors, as they see prostitution as gender-based violence against women. Legal … Read more

Lucinta Luna Practices Prostitution for Billions of Rupiah Operation Costs : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Lucinta Luna finally spoke openly about the past that had been so neatly covered up. He admitted, had been involved in prostitution to perform a series of operations to make up his appearance. “I sold myself first. So, I can have money. That’s my capital for (sex) surgery,” said the singer Where is … Read more

Biodata of Tania Ayu, Allegedly TA Artist Involved in Prostitution of Rp30 Million : Okezone Celebrity

TANIA Ayu associated with the case of online prostitution artist TA. Here’s a brief bio. The case, which has been known since December 2020, has again become a hot topic of discussion. It was revealed that the TA fee for a single date with a masher was IDR 30 million. So what is the figure … Read more