Cannabis would offer protection against Covid-19

According to a recent American university study, cannabis could be an unexpected protective tool against Covid-19. On January 10, scientists from two Oregon universities indeed indicated in a publication that cannabis, usually known for its use as a drug, contains acids that may be effective against the coronavirus. Reported by the website, this study … Read more

new organizational structure, focus on emerging sectors and passenger protection

The president of ENAC Pierluigi Di Palma A new organizational structure for ENAC has been in force since the beginning of January 2022: a new organization that aims to better define the activities of the Entity and the various profiles of management responsibility. The goal is to give priority to emerging sectors such as research … Read more

“5G protection” necklaces are radioactive and damage DNA

Talking about 5G is talking about the new communications network and new opportunities for the most diverse segments of society. However, perhaps because we are facing a pandemic for COVID-19, there are those who believe in conspiracy theories and consider that 5G is bad for your health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already said … Read more

POW ÖSTERREICH hands over an open letter on the Climate Protection Act to Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler

Over 300 companies signed the letter, calling for an ambitious climate protection law Vienna (OTS) – Together with well-known supporters from the winter sports industry, Managing Director Moritz Nachtschatt and President Verena Stahl today handed over the open letter and the list of all supporters to Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler. POW Austria is part of … Read more

Protection of minors in the media and Squid Game – legal guardians are responsible

Marc Jan Eumann takes legal guardians to account in the debate about Squid Game. (picture alliance / dpa / Horst Galuschka) The ministries of culture in Bavaria and Thuringia have warned against the Netflix series Squid Game. One perceives from the private environment that children and adolescents emulate the games in the series, which is … Read more

49 percent protection: Biontech with eleven percent chance

Saturday, December 11th, 2021 49 percent protection Biontech with an eleven percent chance An investment in the shares of the vaccine manufacturer Biontech is associated with high opportunities and risks due to the massive price fluctuations. With bonus certificates with a cap, investors can drastically reduce the risk of direct investments. For long-term investors, an … Read more

Protection of the Constitution on “Compact”: “Secured extremist”

Exclusive Status: 10.12.2021, 4:23 p.m. The “Compact” magazine is the mouthpiece of the “New Right” and plays a central role in mobilizing those who oppose the vaccination. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution no longer rated it as a suspected case, but as definitely extremist. By Michael Götschenberg, ARD capital studio “Subscribe to … Read more

How secure is your corona protection?

A booster vaccination against corona is now recommended for all adults. But when is it best? Is your protection still adequate or do you need a refresher? Here’s how you can test it. While the number of infections is still at a record high and the new Omikron variant is also a cause for concern … Read more

between crowds and protection of the environment, the resort of Flaine on a ridge line

A lift for the Flaine ski resort, designed in 1976 by architect Marcel Breuer. February 28, 2019. JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT / AFP This time the countdown is on. In 2025, at the very end of its snow front, at the foot of one of its chairlifts, Flaine (Haute-Savoie) should welcome the arrival station of the local … Read more

Protection plan for millions of undocumented immigrants advances in congress | Univision 19 Sacramento KUVS

“One of the aspects is that it will allow people who arrived before January 2011 to apply for a type of permit to be in the country for 5 years and renew them for 5 years. It would include a work permit and maybe travel abroad, ”explained Brian Lopez, an immigration attorney. President Biden’s plan … Read more