for the tenth day in a row, thousands of indigenous protesters paralyze the capital Quito to denounce the cost of living

Indigenous protesters march for the tenth day in a row in the streets of Quito, under a state of emergency, in Ecuador, on June 22, 2022. VERONICA LOMBEIDA / AFP Thousands of Ecuadorian natives marched on Wednesday, June 22, through the streets of Quito for the tenth day in a row. This increasingly tense standoff … Read more

More than 25,000 anti-health pass protesters in France, a slight rebound

A protester holds a sign that reads “No to the health passport” during a Patriote protest in Paris, France, December 18, 2021. SARAH MEYSSONNIER / REUTERS While the government announced a tightening of measures to fight against the fifth wave of Covid-19, the anti-health pass protests in France experienced a slight rebound on Saturday, December … Read more

Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of murdering two protesters on the sidelines of anti-racist protests in the United States, has been acquitted

Kyle Rittenhouse, center, with his lawyers, Thursday, Nov. 18, in court in Kenosha, Wisconsin. SEAN KRAJACIC / AP After twenty-six hours of deliberation spread over four days, the jury which had withdrawn Tuesday to debate the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of the murder of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and of having injured a … Read more

the torch ceremony briefly disrupted by protesters

Greek actress Xanthi Georgiou at the site of Ancient Olympia, birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games in southwest Greece, October 18, 2021. THANASSIS STAVRAKIS / AP The Olympic flame for the Beijing 2022 Winter Games was lit on Monday, October 18, behind closed doors at the ancient Greek site of Olympia according to traditional ritual, … Read more

Gouveia e Melo now has personal security. Denial protesters insult journalists

Tiago Petinga / Lusa After being booed by a group of denial protesters, on August 14, Henrique Gouveia e Melo, coordinator of task force for vaccination against covid-19 in Portugal, it now has personal security. After the incident, which took place on the 14th at a vaccination center in Odivelas, the Public Security Police (PSP) … Read more

Childhood vaccination, a new fear of anti-health pass protesters

Demonstrators against the health pass, Saturday, August 21, in Paris. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP On the sixth Saturday of demonstrations, anti-health pass protesters – and often anti-vaccine as well – are now almost regulars. Throughout France, 175,000 demonstrators, according to the police, gathered (40,000 less than the previous Saturday), often at the call of … Read more

‘Restaurant for unvaccinated’ – Afraid of law and protesters

The compulsory health card in France, the health pass which has been mandatory in the catering industry since August 9, not only leads to fierce protests with hundreds of thousands of participants, but also to strange scenes. In early August, someone posted a 16-second video to the ‘No to the Vaccine’ Facebook group. We see … Read more

Brunsbüttel: Protesters against LPG terminal occupy rails | – news

Status: 07/31/2021 3:47 p.m. In Brunsbüttel, climate protectors demonstrate against a planned liquid gas terminal. The organizers speak of 2,000 participants, the police are on site with a large number. The protesters are out and about in transparent full-body suits and, among other things, wearing pink hats, scarves or shawls. They are calling for a … Read more

Brunsbüttel: Protesters against LNG terminal occupy rails | – news

Status: 07/31/2021 3:04 p.m. The demonstration in Brunsbüttel is in full swing: Climate protectors are moving in groups of a hundred to the planned liquid gas terminal. The police are on site with a large number. Around 2,000 protesters are out and about in transparent full-body suits and, among other things, wearing pink hats, scarves … Read more

France: Macron criticizes protesters – “I want to call for unity”

abroad Emmanuel Macron “What is your freedom worth if you tell me, ‘I don’t want to be vaccinated?’” Stand: 6:55 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Teaser ONL Corona protests France 1300 A visibly angry Emmanuel Macron used a visit to a clinic in French Polynesia to appeal. On Saturday around 160,000 people took to … Read more