First image of The Callisto Protocol, the new game from the creator of Dead Space

The expected The Callisto Protocol shows its first images from Game Informer. Issue 346 of the magazine will feature this new game from Striking Distance Studios, signed by el creador de Dead Space, Glenn Schofield. The Callisto Protocol will be a space horror game exclusively for the new generation, PS5, Xbox Series X | S … Read more

Barely entered into force, the school health protocol is relaxed by the government

If a new positive case appears within a period of less than seven days, the students will not have to repeat the course of the three tests. Article written by Posted the 01/06/2022 23:17 Update the 01/06/2022 23:56 Reading time : 2 min. While it has just been implemented, the new school health protocol to … Read more

parents of students facing the puzzle of the new test protocol

Suzanne, 5, during a Covid test, in Albigny-sur-Saône (Rhône), January 4, 2022. LAURENT CIPRIANI / AP The return to school was short-lived for Rozenn’s eldest son (the people questioned wished to remain anonymous). From the first day of school, Monday January 3, the 6-year-old boy was declared a contact case after the detection of a … Read more

It was the day Prince William broke royal protocol because of Taylor Swift

Elizabeth II must still be afraid or, rather, be scandalized. Despite the passing years, the fact that his favorite grandson, the unpolluted Prince William having broken the current protocol is a stain that will not be erased. It was in November 2013 that the Queen of England’s eldest grandson did one of the things that … Read more

reinforced protocol in schools, closing of discotheques, vaccination of 5-11 year olds… What to remember from Jean Castex’s announcements

Jean Castex and Olivier Véran, at the Hotel Matignon, December 6, 2021. BRUNO LEVY / DIVERGENCE FOR “THE WORLD” Reinforced protocol in schools, telework recommended, closure of nightclubs and vaccination of 5-11 year olds recommended… Jean Castex announced, Monday, December 6, during a press conference in the presence of the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, … Read more

Level 3 of the Covid protocol in force at school from Thursday

Stephane Mahe via ReutersMasks, holidays: what changes or not at school with level 3 Illustrative photo taken in a class in Saint-Sebastien-sur-Loire in April 2021) REUTERS / Stephane Mahe CORONAVIRUS – The health protocol in schools will be strengthened to level 3 in the face of the fifth wave of coronavirus. This is the main … Read more

UK suspending the Northern Ireland Protocol soon?

Dhe minister responsible for relations with Brussels, David Frost, used the Conservative Congress to intensify threats against the European Union. In a speech to the delegates in Manchester on Monday, he said that Great Britain would suspend the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol in the exit treaty if the ongoing negotiations with the EU Commission do … Read more

the Ministry of National Education is considering testing a new health protocol in primary schools

The goal is to test all students as soon as there is contamination in the classroom, to send home only those who will test positive and thus avoid class closures. Article written by Posted the 09/27/2021 19:54 Update the 09/27/2021 9:53 PM Reading time : 1 min. The Ministry of National Education is considering experimenting … Read more

Gabby Petito case: did the police protocol on gender violence fail? | Univision News Events

She was crying, nervous, she seemed to be afraid. He appeared calm, unflappable, as if whatever the problem was had nothing to do with him. It was Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie on Aug. 12 at a roadside police stop, a month before she was found dead and he disappeared. “We recognize that Petito’s death … Read more