Ukraine war: Now Putin’s “bloodhound” Kadyrov threatens Poland – domestic politics

For months, the Russian army has made little progress in its war against Ukraine and has had to withdraw from many areas in the east. At the moment it is hard to imagine that it would take over the entire country or even larger areas. The notorious Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov (45) supports the Russian … Read more

Telephone call from Biden and Putin: “Deeply concerned” about Russian deployment – foreign policy

Washington / Moscow – Can this phone call defuse the Ukraine conflict? In light of the tensions surrounding Ukraine, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will speak on the phone on Thursday. A US government official said on Wednesday that Biden wanted to offer Putin a “diplomatic path forward”. “But we are … Read more

Flüchtlingskrise eskaliert: Merkel bettelt bei Putin, Scholz schweigt – Politik Ausland

Die Flüchtlingskrise an der belarussisch-polnischen Grenze eskaliert! Nach BILD-Informationen aus Regierungskreisen in Berlin und aus Brüssel wächst die Gefahr einer militärischen Zuspitzung. Hinzu kommt die beinahe aussichtslose Situation der Migranten in Belarus, die von Polen nicht über die Grenze gelassen werden. ► Diktator Alexander Lukaschenko (67) kritisierte „die Nato-Aufrüstung an der Grenze“. ► Gegen Mittag eskalierte … Read more

Putin’s blackmail with Nord Stream 2: This is how Merkel brought us the expensive winter – domestic policy

The signs couldn’t have been clearer. For years, experts and politicians, who know how Russia repeatedly uses energy as a weapon, have been warning that the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea will come with a political price. Not just for Ukraine, but above all for Germany. Doubling the Russian-German gas transport … Read more