“The rise of authoritarian populism is linked to the disappearance of quality jobs in the middle class”

Dani Rodrik, at a conference in Mexico City, May 21, 2019. AP Professor of economics at the American Harvard University, the Turkish economist Dani Rodrik is renowned for his work on the links between globalization, sovereignty and democracy. He has been pleading, for more than twenty years, for another vision of free trade, in a … Read more

Pop singer Olivia Rodrigo becomes controversial on social media, which discuss the quality of her voice

short Music Non Stop no Facebook And the name of the time is that of singer Olivia Rodrigo, owner of successful hits like “Driver’s License”, and who was one of the big winners of the last edition of the Grammy Awards. Despite conquering fans around the globe, Olivia Rodrigo is still questioned by a portion … Read more

IBS Impairs Quality of Life – This Is How It Starts

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common complaints we hear about at Nordic Clinic, but what exactly is it and why is it so annoying for people that have it? Well, it is a common functional gastrointestinal disorder affecting between 10-20% of the population throughout the world.1 As a syndrome, IBS is … Read more

In search of a better quality of life, the French reject the density of large metropolises

In Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), April 29, 2020. DAMIEN MEYER / AFP “The quality of life and access to an outdoor space are now priority criteria in the purchase of housing, especially for Ile-de-France residents who go in search of less dense cities. What we felt from the first deconfinement, in June 2020, is confirmed ”, summarized … Read more

Not Everything Is Netflix: An Inspection Of Alternative Platforms That Bet On Quality

According to the criteria of Know more There are movies and series that aren’t available on Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, among other massive platforms, and they’re good enough to hold your breath in the middle of a scene. Three sites that hide behind the giant trees that own the rights to “La casa de … Read more

FFI Improvements for Better Quality Indonesian Films : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – After being confined due to the pandemic for more than a year, Indonesian cinemas have finally reopened and become an arena for the revival of Indonesian cinema. To celebrate the best Indonesian film workers who have overcome various obstacles this year, the Indonesian Film Festival will be held again in November 2021. On … Read more

Panasonic TX-55JZ1000 review: flawless picture quality for the most affordable Oled TV from the Japanese manufacturer

On the video game side, again, it’s excellent, with zero afterglow time, a display delay of only 14.5 ms which minimizes the lag between the action on the controller and its repercussion on the screen, and perfect colors thanks to a Game mode independent of the chosen picture mode (Menu> Picture> Options settings> Game mode). … Read more

NGOs sow doubt about quality marks – In France, the discussion breaks out: do quality marks match consumer expectations?

Not all labels deliver what they promise, is the brief conclusion of research conducted by Greenpeace, WWF and UFC-Que Choisir to determine whether consumers can rely on labels in their purchasing decisions. As part of the study, 11 labels were divided into 3 groups: the labels related to organic farming (AB, Organic fair trade in … Read more

NASA grants research fellowship to UI grad student to track nighttime air quality

Graduate student Meng Zhou received a research fellowship from NASA to study the concentration of nighttime aerosols. Gabby Drees University of Iowa graduate research assistant Meng Zhou poses in front of his research Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021. Aerosol particles are an important measure of air quality — but currently, they can only be measured during … Read more