Lewis Hamilton beat Max Verstappen in a crazy race in Jeddah

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is ​​the penultimate date of the Formula 1 season, don’t miss this race that can define the championship; you have F1 in Star + LEWIS HAMILTON WON AND ALSO MAKES THE QUICK LAP: thus, the definition will be in Abu Dhabi even in points. It remains to be seen if … Read more

Sanremo youth 2021 Victory in the race with “California”. The interview

Among the 12 young artists who will play the two places between the Big del Sanremo Festival 2022 December 15 a Sanremo Youth 2021 there is Victory, a young Tuscan singer-songwriter who Amadeus and the commission Rai have chosen among the 21 winners of Area Sanremo 2021. For the occasion, we asked the girl some … Read more

The omicron variant puts the world in a ‘race against time’

Ómicron: first measurements for the new variant of covid-19 3:14 (CNN) — The world is in a “race against time” with the omicron variant of the coronavirus, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Sunday. “We take this omicron variant very seriously and we know that we are in a race against time,” … Read more

Why do we live in a race for the best tech talent?

In the new transformations, employees are hired for their specific set of skills (Laurence Dutton/Getty Images) By Emilia Magnan * Given the growing demand for technology professionals, the race for the best talent remains fierce. It’s all about terms like Yolo — You only live once, Passion Economy, Liquid workforce and Workforce Ecosystem, and I’ll … Read more

Two municipalities in Rio win in the race for quotas. But Rangel remains at the front

The PSD is at one of those defining moments. Once the votes of the militants are counted, on November 27th, little will remain the same: if Paulo Rangel takes the lead, there will be a clear change in the discourse, in the political direction of the party and in the faces of the protagonists; but … Read more

CPR Rally Mortágua: Ricardo Teodósio wins title, in a dramatic final race

Ricardo Teodósio and José Teixeira became Portugal’s Rally Champions, Bruno Magalhães and Carlos Magalhães won the Mortágua Rally. What a rally! Inappropriate for the cardiac. Later on we’ll explain everything, but for now, just the relevant facts: Armindo makes a spin in qualifying and is the first on the road. He lost his way with … Read more

‘Space Titans’ goes inside a billionaires’ space race on Discovery+ (exclusive clip)

In “Space Titans,” a new documentary launching today (Nov. 4), SpaceX founder Elon Musk shares the secret of his company’s Falcon 9 rocket success. The billionaire Musk, standing nearby one of his rockets, says — perhaps unsurprisingly — that his Falcon 9’s reusability is the key to its success. “The closer we get to full and rapid … Read more

The last time Checo Pérez dominated the second free practice, he won the race

The first place he achieved Czech Pérez in the second practice of United States Grand Prix could turn out to be a good omen for the pilot of Red Bull, since the last antecedent that the tapatío had in the season was in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where he also led the practice and finished … Read more

Small rocket firms are outsourcing their engines in their race to orbit

It’s not easy making small rockets. Despite dozens of companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars to develop small satellite launchers in recent years, only two—Rocket Lab and Virgin Orbit—have put any birds on orbit. In recent months, we’ve seen launch attempts by strongly backed companies like Astra and Firefly go awry. Other competitors, like … Read more

SpaceX, Virgin, & Astra’s Chris Thompson Continues His Space Race Journey Joining Phantom Space Corporation as Chief Technology Officer; A Game Changer For the Future of the Space Industry

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Phantom Space Corporation, the space transportation technology development and manufacturing company, today announced the hiring of Chris Thompson, one of the space industry’s most sought after space engineers and executives. Chris will serve as Chief Technology Officer, where he is responsible for the company’s direct development and oversight … Read more