They ask to cancel Emma Watson for sharing images that “promote racism” – Celebs.Cool

The last few days have been of great events in the United States and Hollywood stars have joined with different initiatives. It all started suddenly with the cruel murder of George Floyd On May 25, an African-American man was abused by a former white Minneapolis cop. The protests were immediate, and among the celebrities who … Read more

‘For All Mankind’ Believes Travel To The Moon Will Solve Racism. It’s Not That Simple

ONE DOES NOT need to look hard to find a new myth forming about the great beyond. The narrative is that space travel will solve our woes—specifically the woes of racial capitalism. And this myth is appearing everywhere, in reality and fiction. Take, for example, billionaire Richard Branson’s comments before Virgin Galactic’s suborbital mission in early … Read more

World Cup qualification: racism and scandal over England mourning scene – the fan shame of Hungary! – Soccer

Scandal evening in Budapest! England easily won 4-0 in the World Cup qualifiers in Hungary. But after the game the football world only talks about the next unbelievable fan disgrace in the Puskás Aréna. First excitement before the kick-off: When the stars from the island on their knees before kick-off as a sign against racism … Read more

Criticism of Candyman: a curious update to denounce, once again, racism from terror

Criticism of Candyman: the update of the myth that has the direction of Nia Da Costa, who also participates in the script with Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld. Premiere on August 27, 2021. candy man is going to polarize the audience and a good example of this has been seen on a small scale at … Read more

“Candyman”: The Tragic Origin Of The Monster Born Of Racism That Returns With A New Movie

According to the criteria of Know more “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman Candyman.” For someone who grew up in the 1990s with a love for horror movies, repeating this name in front of a mirror still causes chills similar to being challenged to say “Bloody Mary,” another ghost with a caption not born in the cinema … Read more

Scandal workshop with police and armed forces: Whites should be ashamed of skin color – domestic politics

The company “Diversity Works”, which advises corporations and state institutions on diversity issues, causes a stir with questionable anti-racism training courses. The reason: People with white skin in particular should experience first-hand what racism feels like in the “Blue-Eyed” workshop – by being systematically beaten up by a coach, students are particularly common Participants in … Read more

Ziggy Marley: “My father would be happy with the rise of the whole world against racism” | LOS40 Classic

We pay tribute to perhaps the most universal musician. The singer who put Jamaica on the map. To the legend who made the Rastafarian movement known. We celebrate the 75th anniversary of the birth of a reggae legend: Bob Marley. The music and life of a legend, from the hand of his son. David Nesta, … Read more

Washington invites UN experts to investigate racism in US

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Washington, July 1, 2021. KEN CEDENO / AP The government of Joe Biden invited, Wednesday, July 14, UN experts to examine the record of the United States in terms of racism against African Americans, taking the opposite view of his predecessor Donald Trump. State Secretary Antony Blinken welcomed the creation … Read more