Ilich Ramírez: Carlos ‘El Chacal’, three lives in French jail | International

The Jackal, during his speech before a German judge. Venezuelan Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, author of a hundred terrorist attacks that shook France in the 1970s and 1980s, received a new conviction this Thursday after his appeal to the last trial he faces in Paris was dismissed. At 72 years old, the best known as Carlos, … Read more

The Supreme Court grants pardon to John Henry Ramírez, the Latino criminal that Texas was going to execute and who asked for a pastor to join him in the execution | Univision News United States

On Wednesday night, the Supreme Court granted a last-minute temporary pardon to inmate John Henry Ramírez, who would be executed earlier this day in a Texas jail for a murder committed in 2004. As a last wish, he asked the federal Supreme Court to allow your pastor to pray and lay hands on him the … Read more

Ortega raises the persecution of his critics with an arrest warrant for Sergio Ramírez | International

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has taken a major step in persecuting its critics with the arrest warrant issued this Wednesday against the writer Sergio Ramírez, who was Ortega’s own vice president. The prosecution, controlled by the presidential couple like all the country’s institutions, accuses the Cervantes Prize of “laundering money, goods … Read more

“Jungle Cruise”: Édgar Ramírez Told Us About His Character In The New Disney Movie

Inspired by the eponymous attraction at Disneyland, the new Disney movie JUNGLE CRUISE is an adventure on an exciting journey from London, England, to the Amazon jungle where its protagonist Emily Blunt with the help of ‘The Rock’, is determined to discover a Ancient tree with unique healing properties that has the power to change … Read more

Carolina Ramírez Spoke Of Her New Life In Buenos Aires, “having Breakfast And Having Nothing To Do Is Very Good”

After the recordings of the Queen of Flow 2 ended, in March 2021, the actress Carolina Ramirez, who gave life to Yeimi Montoya, the protagonist of that story, decided to give herself the opportunity to live in another country and soak up all the traditions of her husband, the Argentine Mariano Bacaleinik, with whom she … Read more

Edgar Ramírez Confessed That He Is Afraid Of Snakes On Jimmy Fallon’s Show

Photo Archive Edgar Ramírez told this week some of his anecdotes in the popular program The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, broadcast on NBC. The Venezuelan actor attended the show about his work on the film Jungle Cruise, in which he plays the character Aguirre in a cast headed by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. … Read more

“I Couldn’t Anymore”: How Arcelia Ramírez Reacted To The Eight-minute Ovation She Received At Cannes

The actress participated in the feature film “Guten Tag, Ramón” (Photo: Reuters / Johanna Geron) Arcelia Ramirez starred in the movie Civil Directed by Romanian Teodora Mihai, the film has been praised before its commercial premiere and during its screening at the Cannes Film Festival, the lead actress received an ovation of more than eight … Read more

Arcelia Ramírez, The Great Mexican Actress Who Dazzled Cannes

In the last three decades, Arcelia Ramírez has built a solid career, even acclaimed, although nothing had prepared her for what happened this week in the Cannes film festival, which after a year of absence due to the global contingency, resumed its gala functions at the famous La Coisette theater, where the Mexican received a … Read more

Who Is Arcelia Ramírez, The Mexican Actress Who Received Eight Minutes Of Applause At The Cannes Film Festival

(Video: Twitter/@flandersimage) One of the most important film festivals in the world is Cannes, where the best directors, cameramen, actors and actresses exhibit their work to be placed in the public eye thanks to the criticism of the judges and the reactions of the public who managed to observe the films shown. In the 2021 … Read more