Raoul Cauvin, “stakhanovist of the gag” in comics, is dead

Raoul Cauvin (left) and Willy Lambil in front of “Les Tuniques bleues”. “CAUVIN LA MONOGRAPHIE”, BY PATRICK GAUMER (DUPUIS) For several decades, Raoul Cauvin was the “official” screenwriter of the weekly Spirou. Through “Appointed”, understand that he animated several series at the same time, which occupied, certain weeks, more than half of the pages of … Read more

Death of BD scriptwriter Raoul Cauvin, father of the “Blue Tunics”

BD screenwriter Raoul Cauvin died Thursday August 19. VINCENT HOPER / DUPUIS EDITIONS He was the author of Blue tunics, from Funerary stone, from Women in white or even Cédric. Belgian comic book writer Raoul Cauvin died Thursday August 19, three months after revealing to be suffering from incurable cancer, announced Dupuis, his publishing house. … Read more