The rappers took up nine places in the top ten of the Czech album charts. The most successful novelty was taken care of by the devilish Hard Rico

The Czech rankings could not be expected to overflow with new names in January. Their current release confirms this – other triumphs are added by Adele and Viktor Sheen. While the other medalists do not change on the radio, the albums benefited mainly from the declining decline in sales, mainly rappily rappers benefited. © Columbia … Read more

Some of the favorite hobbies of the world’s greatest rappers

Aside from work, one of the main defining characteristics of a person is their hobbies and pastimes. This is no different from the world’s greatest rappers and from chess to insect collections, it’s possible to learn a little more about these celebrities out of the spotlight. Chess is the favorite hobby of one of the … Read more

Young Thug thinks French rappers are petty bourgeois

The American rapper loses an opportunity to be silent. It’s a video that went viral on Twitter. Invited to express himself on rap as it is seen and done in other countries, Young Thug proved his lack of culture by explaining that the French and English rappers were bourgeois who did nothing hot in the … Read more

Young Dolph and other rappers killed in violent events in recent years

Rapper Young Dolph shot to death in bakery 1:02 (CNN Español) — Young Dolph died Wednesday in a shooting in Memphis. He joins the list of other rappers in the US who have died in violent events in recent years. Here are some of them. Young Dolph Young Dolph was reportedly shopping for cookies at … Read more

Rappers Travis Scott and Drake sued over murderous mob move at Astroworld in Houston

Astroworld festival spectators gather at the memorial which was installed at NRG Park in Houston on November 7, 2021. THOMAS SHEA / AFP One of those seriously injured during the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas, Friday, November 5, filed a complaint against rappers Travis Scott and Drake, accused of having “Wreaked havoc” and to … Read more