The fire at a waste recycling center in the Bouches-du-Rhône, about to be extinguished

“A large part of the building is already demolished and accessible and will be drowned”, according to the prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône. NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP Since December 26, the start of the fire at a private waste recycling center located in Saint-Chamas, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, many residents have said they were bothered by the release … Read more

Triumph: Blue Origin lets recycling rocket land safely again

Can we soon take a short trip to space? The company Blue Origin of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos gives reason for hope: It has landed the recycling rocket New Shepard safely on earth for the second time in a row. Nobody has ever done that! ” loading=”lazy” srcset=” 560w,×346.jpg 520w,×208.jpg 313w,×100.jpg 150w” … Read more

Blue Origin succeeds in launching recycling rocket

Web world & technology Milestone in space travel Blue Origin succeeds in restarting recycling rocket Published on 01/23/2016 | Reading time: 3 minutes Video of the first successful reuse of a rocket Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin have succeeded for the first time in reusing a recyclable rocket. Two months after its first flight, the … Read more

La Scène, The Musical Group That Turns Recycling Into Art To Generate Environmental Awareness

La Scène is a Latin American musical group that defines itself as multicultural and collaborative, with a deep environmental awareness and promoter of values, to try that humanity is more empathetic and supportive, that it respects equality, freedom of thought, diversity and the union between nations. Based in Panama City, this band is characterized by … Read more

Falcon 9: SpaceX posts a recycling record for its rocket stages

For space company SpaceX, the concept of recycling old rocket stages is not a marketing move. The company demonstrated this with yesterday’s record flight, in which a booster pushed a payload into orbit for the tenth time. The Falcon 9 stage lifted off early Sunday morning from the Cape Canaveral space station in Florida. The … Read more

Recycling more than a hobby an opportunity

There are several requirements that affect cities, some are economic, technological, health, ecological, among others, and all these demands increase proportionally when cities grow in population and extension. The generation of waste and its management have long been a matter of social interest, not only because of the effect it can have on our lives … Read more

ReFashion launches its platform for networking between players in textile recycling

The eco-organization of the French textile industry Refashion (formerly Eco-TLC) announces the deployment of the “Recycle” platform, which is intended to be an information and networking tool between all French players in textile recycling. The portal will go online on July 28 for a test phase, before an official launch at the end of September. … Read more