Now firmly married, Venna Melinda had time to refuse Ferry Irawan : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Venna Melinda it turned out that he had rejected Ferry Irawan before finally getting married in March. This was revealed by the actor on YouTube Luna Maya. At first Luna Maya was curious when Ferry Irawan proposed to Verrell Bramasta’s mother. “When did you officially apply?” asked Luna Maya on her YouTube channel, Tuesday … Read more

In Brazil, twenty-one scientists in opposition to Jair Bolsonaro refuse a medal

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, in Brasilia, November 4, 2021. ISAC NOBREGA / AFP The National Order of Scientific Merit was created in Brazil in 1992 to recognize the authors of the most important contributions to science and technology. Receiving this distinction, one of the highest in the country, is an honor. Twenty-one scientists, however, refused, … Read more

Airlines will have to pay fines if they refuse to deport foreigners

On October 5, 2012, Air France planes at Roissy-en-France airport, north of Paris. ALEXANDER KLEIN / AFP Transport companies, whether air or sea, will continue to pay heavy fines if they refuse to take illegal aliens on board with a view to their deportation, the Constitutional Council confirmed on Friday (October 15th). The members of … Read more

Why Did Will Smith Refuse To Work With Quentin Tarantino?

Will Smith explained the reasons why he did not participate in Django Unchained. Emancipation it’s a new movie by Antoine Fuqua which tells the story of a slave named Peter who flees from a Louisiana plantation. The film is starring Will Smith, who participates for the first time in a production about slavery experienced by … Read more

Are the “classic” antivaxes the same as those who refuse the vaccine against Covid-19?

In the anti-sanitary pass demonstration, in Paris, on September 11, 2021. JULIEN DANIEL / MYOP FOR “THE WORLD” “I am not an anti-vaccine, I am against this experimental serum. » In recent months, who has not heard this argument from a loved one refusing vaccines against Covid-19? Many of them specify that they have accepted … Read more

the insurer must prove that the insured has defrauded in order to refuse compensation

The insurer cannot be satisfied with asserting that its insured has made a fraudulent declaration, in order to refuse to guarantee him a burglary. MATTHEW DENT/IKON IMAGES / PHOTONONSTOP Lhe insurer cannot be satisfied with asserting that his insured has made a fraudulent declaration, in order to refuse to guarantee him a burglary. He still … Read more

These bar bosses refuse to “sort it out” and clearly display it

They announced last week that they would not screen their customers and they are keeping their word. They have even been joined since Monday by more establishments. Nearly a hundred bars and restaurants, mainly in Brittany and Pays-de-la-Loire, claim the right to ignore the health pass in their premises. Gathered in two groups “Welcome here, … Read more

From Polynesia, Emmanuel Macron castigates “irresponsibility” and “selfishness” of those who refuse the vaccine against Covid-19

Emmanuel Macron addresses caregivers at the French Polynesia hospital center, July 24, 2021. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Immediately after his landing in Tahiti, Emmanuel Macron urged the Polynesians but also all French people to be vaccinated, during a visit to the main hospital of the archipelago, Saturday July 24 in the evening (Sunday morning in … Read more

The prefects called to crack down on those who refuse the new health measures

BERTRAND GUAY via AFPIllustrative photo taken on July 17 in Paris, during a demonstration against the new anti-Covid measures and in particular the extension of the health pass. CORONAVIRUS – The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin wrote this Sunday, July 18 to the prefects to ask them for firmness in the application of the … Read more

“Your rights cannot be the same”, replies Emmanuel Macron to those who refuse vaccination

The Head of State spoke outside the microphone Thursday to the press, after the arrival of the 18th stage of the Tour de France. Article written by Posted the 07/16/2021 00:00 Update the 07/16/2021 12:29 AM Reading time : 1 min. In the aftermath of demonstrations against the health pass, Emmanuel Macron wanted to continue … Read more