North Korea made ‘$400m’ in cryptocurrency heists last year • The Register

in letter Thieves operating for the North Korean government made off with almost $400m in digicash last year in a concerted attack to steal and launder as much currency as they could. A report from blockchain biz Chainalysis found that attackers were going after investment houses and currency exchanges in a bid to purloin funds … Read more

Alien life on can survive better on Super-Earths • The Register

Life on Super-Earths may have more time to develop and evolve, thanks to their long-lasting magnetic fields protecting them against harmful cosmic rays, according to new research published in Science. Space is a hazardous environment. Streams of charged particles traveling at the speed of light, ejected from stars and distant galaxies, bombard planets. The intense … Read more

Tesla self-driving car data worries California DMV • The Register

in letter California’s Department of Motor Vehicles said it’s “revisiting” its opinion of whether Tesla’s so-called Full Self-Driving feature needs more oversight after a series of videos demonstrate how the technology can be dangerous. “Recent software updates, videos showing dangerous use of that technology, open investigations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the … Read more

China chip sales could overtake EU and Japan next year • The Register

China’s cold war with the US on chips isn’t slowing down the country’s rapid growth in semiconductors, the Semiconductor Industry Association said this week. The US sanctions on Chinese companies didn’t have the intended effect of restricting China’s semiconductor industry. In fact, the saber-rattling is only serving for China to get its act together on … Read more

NASA hands out funding for post-ISS space station concepts • The Register

NASA has splashed the cash on design contracts for space stations and a multibillion-dollar job for more Artemis boosters. With the days of the International Space Station (ISS) numbered, NASA is looking to maintain an uninterrupted US presence in low-Earth orbit. Although Axiom Space has plans to build from the ISS, the $415.6m award is … Read more

Qualcomm takes a swipe at Apple’s build-not-buy methods • The Register

Snapdragon Tech Summit Qualcomm has distanced itself from Apple, and took a veiled shot at its rival as it tried to clear the air on its relationship with Google. The company’s swipe at Cupertino came in the form of an assertion by CEO Cristiano Amon, during a speech at the Snapdragon Tech Summit in Hawaii, … Read more

Nextcloud boss on Microsoft OneDrive complaint • The Register

Interview It is a fine balancing act when a small business very publicly criticises a much larger one upon whose products it relies – yet that is the David-versus-Goliath standoff happening in a corner of the cloud industry. This week self-hosted productivity platform Nextcloud fired off an antitrust complaint to the EU concerning Microsoft’s bundling … Read more

US trade watchdog opposes Nvidia’s Arm buy • The Register

The US Federal Trade Commission, having previously expressed unease about Nvidia’s plan to acquire UK chip design firm Arm, acted on its concern Thursday by suing to prevent the deal. “The FTC is suing to block the largest semiconductor chip merger in history to prevent a chip conglomerate from stifling the innovation pipeline for next-generation … Read more