In search of a better quality of life, the French reject the density of large metropolises

In Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), April 29, 2020. DAMIEN MEYER / AFP “The quality of life and access to an outdoor space are now priority criteria in the purchase of housing, especially for Ile-de-France residents who go in search of less dense cities. What we felt from the first deconfinement, in June 2020, is confirmed ”, summarized … Read more

KPAI Asks KPI to Reject Saipul Jamil Appears on Television : Okezone Celebrity

COMMISSION Indonesian Child Protection (KPAI) asked the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) to reject Saipul Jamil’s appearance on television. Previously, when Saipul Jamil was released from prison, he was greeted with joy. KPAI considers that this is tantamount to tarnishing the Law, in this case Article 4 paragraph (1) of Law Number 32 of 2002 concerning … Read more

Amazon asked FCC to reject Starlink plan because it can’t compete, SpaceX says

Enlarge / Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos at the 32nd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on April 12, 2016. Getty Images | Bloomberg Amazon’s attempt to block proposals for the next-generation Starlink system is a “delay tactic” and a continuation of Amazon’s strategy of “hinder[ing] competitors to compensate for Amazon’s failure to … Read more

Amazon urges FCC to reject SpaceX proposals for next-generation Starlink

Amazon is urging US regulators to reject an update to SpaceX’s plan for a second-generation Starlink system. Kuiper Systems, Amazon’s satellite-broadband subsidiary, says that SpaceX broke Federal Communications Commission rules by “propos[ing] two different configurations for the nearly 30,000 satellites of its Gen2 System, each of which arranges these satellites along very different orbital parameters. … Read more

Judges reject Viasat’s plea to stop SpaceX Starlink satellite launches

Enlarge / 60 Starlink satellites stacked for launch at SpaceX facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida. SpaceX can keep launching broadband satellites despite a lawsuit filed by Viasat, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. Viasat sued the Federal Communications Commission in May and asked judges for a stay that would halt SpaceX’s ongoing launches of low Earth … Read more

Cuban Artists Reject Statements By Silvio Rodríguez Denying Repression On The Island

Read transcript ♪♪sandra: silvio rodíguez neóthat there was repressionpolice duringdemonstrations againstCuban regime.ambrosio: the statement is already heregenerating reactions betweenCuban artists from the south of theflorida.reporter:these poetic statementsthey already generate reactions in the southfrom Florida and more when inthat discussion also statedthat some of the ordersthe protests were the poetry began, afterthis comment in whichSilvio … Read more

Zidane Will Reject Offers From A Club To Wait For France’s Position, Sources Told ESPN

The former Real Madrid manager has spent the last six weeks with his family on vacation between France and Spain Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, all in one place. It is now available. Subscribe NOW. Zinedine Zidane decline the opportunity to return to club management to replace Didier deschamps as coach of … Read more