13 Must-see Premieres And Releases For The Weekend: ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Super Crooks’, ‘Hawkeye’ And Much More

A gloomy weekend before us. Not only do you run the risk of running out of savings with the Black Friday offers, it is also that there are a few recommendations with the macabre uploaded: From the new darkness of ‘Residenbt Evil’ in cinema to the fanzine Satanism of ‘Phantastykon Satanas’, through an indie Souls … Read more

Isama Zing releases “Blurry AF” with the help of Tanya Pauhof or Aid Kid

Isama Zing is a producer commuting between Bratislava and Prague, DJ, member of the Mäss team and the SHAPE platform. At the age of fifteen, he fell in love with the combination of cello, singing and electronics. He later became passionate about experiments inspired by the sound of the Warp label and the production scene … Read more

Hellbound: Netflix releases its new Korean series after “Squid Game”!

To the delight of users, Netflix has just unveiled a new South Korean series called “Hellbound”. Hellbound has made its debut Friday, November 19, 2021 in the Netflix catalog. Created by Yeon Sang-ho, the new South Korean series could well overshadow Squid Game… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! A long-awaited series … Read more

Taylor Swift surprisingly releases a new album

“Folklore” Surprise: Taylor Swift releases her new album overnight Taylor Swift has released a new album. © YLMJ / AdMedia / ImageCollect Taylor Swift surprised her fans with this: Spontaneously and without prior notice, the singer released her new album “Folklore”. According to her own statement, she then processed all her whims, wishes, dreams and … Read more

Releases (November 10): 140 Series, Movies And Documentaries On Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Disney +, Movistar +, Filmin And Apple TV +

New Wednesday of polar trough or whatever that phenomenon of cold is called and the days are already asking us for evenings on the sofa and getting to see something on our favorite platform. Now we have no less than 140 series, films and documentaries in Netflix, of the movie, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar +, … Read more

Damon Albarn’s tribute to Uruguay and more amazing releases

short Music Non Stop no Facebook It was difficult, very difficult, to select this week’s highlights. A lot of good stuff coming from all sides in our headquarters, to the point that this editor, for the first time, has a pain in his heart for leaving out so much good. Damon Albarn honoring Uruguay, who … Read more

Netflix Releases In November 2021: 92 Movies, Series And Documentaries Such As ‘Cowboy Bebop’, ‘Red Alert’ Or ‘Tiger King 2’

It seems that Netflix does not want to be better than Disney + when it comes to advertising your news for next November, since just a few minutes have passed since the second released its releases for next month until Netflix has done the same. Below you will find the 92 films, series and documentaries … Read more

NASA releases new dataset of cyanobacteria in over 2,300 lakes in the US

Time series images of a cyanobacteria bloom in Utah Lake captured by OLCI on the Sentinel-3A satellite in summer of 2017, with true color images from the beginning and end of the bloom (left and right, with green shades indicating high algae concentrations) and weekly composites of CyAN data. Credit: NASA images with ESA’s Sentinel-3A … Read more

IU Finally Releases Strawberry Moon Video Clip: Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL– Good news for fans of singer Lee Ji Eun alias IU. He just made his comeback with the release of the song and MV Strawberry Moon. Launch the Soompi page, Tuesday (19/10/2021) IU imagine Stawberry Moon as a light song with acoustic guitar accompaniment. But with the addition of a piano from producer Lee … Read more

M. Night Shyamalan is also against simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases – Celebs.Cool

Although Warner Bros. has made it clear that the hybrid premieres of its catalog for 2021 are only a temporary measure, we are increasingly hearing from more and more filmmakers who oppose the idea of ​​a simultaneous premiere in streaming and cinemas. The most recent of them is M. Night Shyamalan, who thinks it’s obvious … Read more