Ortega wants to remove Nicaragua from the OAS, as Maduro did with Venezuela in 2017. What are the consequences?

Although Daniel Ortega’s regime opts to remove Nicaragua from the Organization of American States (OAS), it will not be able to do so until at least 2023 and would have to comply with all the obligations it has as a State before the body, explained former diplomat Edgard Parrales. This Tuesday, the National Assembly, controlled … Read more

Amazon announces that it will remove some of the plastic packaging from its packages sent to France by the end of 2021

Inside the packages, bubble wrap or plastic cushions will continue to be used. AMIT DAVE / REUTERS The online distribution giant Amazon will replace part of its plastic packaging with paper or cardboard by the end of the year in France, he announced Monday, November 15 in a statement. Plastic sleeves, used to ship small … Read more

Valérie Pécresse proposes to remove “150,000 positions in the administration”

“To stop the explosion of the debt and bring it back in 2027 to the current level, we must reach 45 billion euros in savings, to which I add 15 billion in privatization receipts”, says Valérie Pécresse. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP The primary on the right is accelerating. In an interview published on … Read more

In Béziers, Eric Zemmour proposes to “remove power” from “counter-powers”

Supporters of far-right essayist Eric Zemmour during his meeting in Béziers, October 16, 2021. ERIC GAILLARD / REUTERS The ritual is well established. In Béziers (Hérault), Eric Zemmour makes his audience languish. Even Robert Ménard, the mayor of the city, who welcomes him Saturday, October 16, paces in exasperation. The electro notes of the track … Read more

‘Time’ Magazine Proposes To Remove Facebook On A Cover With Mark Zuckerberg

The influential magazine Time has chosen Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, to occupy its cover. This election comes in one of the worst crises of this social network, which this week has experienced a worldwide drop in its service and the harsh accusations of Frances Haugen in the United States Senate. This former employee has … Read more

Crowded Concerts Are Back: Various Communities Remove All Capacity Restrictions – MariskalRock.com

September 30, 2021 1:19 pmpublished by Drafting – Since the March 14, 2020 The strict confinement that we have gradually left behind is imposed, the different measures taken by the Government and Autonomous Communities have been drawing a map in which live music has been one of the great harmed between cancellations and capacity restrictions. … Read more

Excited to watch the bond of love, Inul Daratista is ready to help Aldebaran remove the tapping device : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Singer Inul Daratista indeed known as one of the fans of soap operas Love Bond. He even followed the soap opera starring Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo from the start. Even though it has been hundreds of episodes, Inul still faithfully follows the story of Aldebaran and Andin in the soap opera. Recently, … Read more

Google and Apple remove app from supporters of Alexei Navalny

Leonid Volkov, an exiled opposition official, at a press conference in Berlin on August 21, 2020. MICHAEL SOHN / AP On the first day of the Russian parliamentary elections, Apple and Google on Friday, September 17, removed the opposition mobile application encouraging the vote against the candidates for power. The American giants have thus complied … Read more

Reports indicate Lucasfilm wants to remove Luke Skykwalker and Baby Yoda from ‘the Mandalorian’ – Celebs.Cool

There are multiple theories about the ‘Star Wars’ universe that we have all heard and of which we have all laughed and surprised. However, we have heard little about the conspiracy theories that surround said universe from the directing and production spectrum in the studio. Today through a report on the site Pirates And Princesses, … Read more

FMF Asked To Remove The Punishment From Raúl Jiménez So That It Could Be Transferred In October And November

The top manager of the Mexican Soccer Federation presumed the sanitary protocols they have so that players do not have to go through a quarantine 1 Related The president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, Yon de Luisa, revealed that Raúl Jiménez will not be sanctioned by the FIFA after the Wolves would refuse to lend … Read more