Animated Video of Republican Congressman Paul Gosar “Assassinating” AOC | Univision Politics News

A Republican congressman, well known for his controversial extreme views, unleashed a storm when he posted an altered animated video with overlapping faces on his Twitter and Instagram accounts of him killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and threatening two swords to President Joe Biden. And even though Twitter has placed a warning that the material … Read more

With the third republican blockade of an electoral law, requests to eliminate the ‘filibuster’ skyrocket | Univision Politics News

This Wednesday the Republicans again resorted to the delaying maneuver known as filibuster to block for the third time this year the presentation of legislation that seeks to strengthen the right to vote. The 50 Democrats and independents in the Senate supported the presentation of the Freedom to Vote Law, but all 50 Republicans voted … Read more

Colin Powell: Ex-US Secretary of State dies of Corona – despite vaccination

foreign countries Breakthrough vaccination Ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell has died of Covid-19 Stand: 3:49 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Colin Powell an Covid-19 gestorben Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell is dead. The retired general died at the age of 84 as a result of a corona infection. This was announced … Read more

“We call for a republican start in the face of attacks against players in the hospital world”

Inside the intensive care unit of Tours hospital, where medical staff take care of patients with Covid-19, April 2, 2021. GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP Che last few weeks, in recent days, several players in the hospital world – directors, doctors, caregivers, overseas or in metropolitan France – have been the target of attacks, degradation and … Read more

One trillion package in the USA: a windfall for America’s ailing roads, bridges, rails

Dhe infrastructure program passed in the US Senate on Tuesday is one of the great successes for President Joe Biden during his six-month term in office. The legislative package amounting to one trillion dollars (around 850 billion euros) enables the government to make significant, sometimes urgently needed investments in roads, bridges, rails, local public transport, … Read more

Pelosi calls Republican Kevin McCarthy an “idiot” in the face of his criticism of the mandate to wear masks on campus | Univision Politics News

Among Republican congressmen in the House of Representatives, the new recommendation of the Congressional doctor, whose advice was quickly followed by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, of require the use of masks inside the enclosure, before the rebound of the coronavirus and some recent infections in the Capitol. Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy … Read more

how the Republican Party weakens American democracy

Former US President Donald Trump arrives at a meeting on July 3, 2021, in Sarasota, Florida. EVA MARIE UZCATEGUI / AFP The Republican Party opposed a sovereign contempt, Tuesday, July 27, to the opening of the work of the parliamentary committee which will examine the assault led on January 6 by supporters of former President … Read more

In the United States, Republican senators block infrastructure deal

US President Joe Biden in Cincinnati on July 21, 2021. ANDREW HARNIK / AP The United States Senate refused, Wednesday, July 21, to begin at this stage the examination of a plan of investment in the infrastructures of 1,200 billion dollars (1,017 billion euros), central in the Joe Biden’s strategy, who despite everything was optimistic … Read more

“Catastrophe”: Republicans rage over Merkel’s deal on Nord Stream 2

AAfter giving the green light to the completion of Nord Stream 2, the US government is walking a fine line: Washington argues that the controversial gas pipeline project is a “bad deal” for Ukraine and the rest of Europe. The small, subtle difference to the previous attitude: You act “pragmatically”, and since the construction is … Read more