How does the pension affect our health?

Dhe retirement at 67 is one of the most controversial reforms of the past decades. While the Left Party, for example, wants to lower the statutory retirement age to 65, it is not only many economists who are calling for retirement even later, with a view to demographic change. Most of the debates are about … Read more

Politicians are tackling the issue of fees on retirement savings plans

“We have a challenge in front of us, it is the rise of the discourse on the expenses in terms of retirement savings plan”, confided mid-September Bernard Le Bras, chairman of the board of Suravenir, in front of an assembly of journalists. The insurer had obviously felt the tide, after the publication during the summer … Read more

Retirement savings plan: pay attention to the fees charged!

The saver must exercise the greatest caution when it comes to charges taken from his retirement savings plan. INGRAM / PHOTONONSTOP The retirement savings plan (PER) is a long-term savings product, so that with such an investment horizon, the costs play a considerable role. A little simple calculation is enough to be convinced. Suppose a … Read more

Retirement savings take off

ANNE-MARGOT RAMSTEIN The retirement savings plan (PER) was created on 1is October 2019 within the framework of the Pacte law (Action plan for the growth and transformation of businesses). Its vocation: to replace all other retirement savings schemes, whether individual – popular retirement savings plan (PERP) and Madelin – or collective – collective retirement savings … Read more

Does the retirement savings plan overshadow life insurance?

Nearly 4 million French people have subscribed to a new retirement savings plan DUEL/CULTURA / PHOTONONSTOP Life insurance has been facing new competition for two years, with the appearance of the retirement savings plan (PER) which also takes the form of life insurance. With 3.8 million subscribers in two years, the PER is a great … Read more

On October 20 Elections Are Held For The Retirement And Pension Fund For University Professionals | Daily Change

By Alexander RuppelOn October 20, the Authorities Elections of the Retirement and Pension Fund of University Professionals 2021 will be held. In this sense, Dr. Blauco Rodríguez, a member of list 35, expressed. “This is a very important issue, it must be taken into account that in Uruguay there are about 100,000 professionals who by … Read more

Is it possible to combine employment with retirement before the age of 62?

If you wish to resume your salaried activity with the same employer, you will have to wait six months, otherwise your basic retirement pension will be suspended until the seventh month. MARC ROMANELLI/BLEND IMAGES / PHOTONONSTOP Question to an expert If I take early retirement for a long career, will I still be able to … Read more

Castex curtly comments on Philippe’s remarks on retirement at 67

Responding to reporters from La Dépêche du Midi and you Free noon during a trip to Montpellier this Thursday, the Prime Minister laconically evacuated the proposals of his predecessor to Matignon on pensions. Édouard Philippe may no longer be – since July 2020 and his departure from Matignon – that mayor of Le Havre, the … Read more

Retirement has become obsolete – Época Negócios

+ The job market is changing, extending people’s time perspective (Photo: ThinkStock) For the first time in history, we are starting to question whether we want to have retired status one day. Our conversation today is not about longevity, nor about an aging population, although all these changes are connected. know more Our society is … Read more