Squid Game Season 2: Series creators reveal new details about the Netflix series sequel

SQUID GAME May 24, 2022 at 1:40 p.m The Netflix hit “Squid Game” returns with a second season. Now creator Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed more details about the continuation of the South Korean hit series. “Squid Game” conquered the Netflix charts worldwide (Source: © Youngkyu Park / Netflix) The South Korean Netflix hit caused a sensation … Read more

Chiara Nasti and Zaccagni, Tommaso Zorzi criticizes the gender reveal: this is what he said

Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni still in the storm. After the party at the Olympic Stadium for the classic gender reveal about their future son, for the influencer and the Lazio footballer they are go crazy the criticisms. And now comes the comment of Tommaso Zorzi. Read also> Chiara Nasti, replies … Read more

Chiara Nasti and Zaccagni rent the Olympic stadium for the gender reveal: “It’s a boy”

Lo Olympic stadium in Rome has always been theater of strong emotions. And for Weather in Mattia Zaccagnistriker of Lazio di Sarri, and his girlfriend Chiara Nasti l’announcement of the sex of the their firstborn it could only happen in the magical frame of the Olimpico. A exceptional location for a … Read more

In-laws Reveal Reasons for Not Handing Vanessa Angel’s Cellphone to Doddy Sudrajat : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The late Vanessa Angel’s family conflict with Aunt Andriansyah’s family is still ongoing. Not only the issue of custody and inheritance rights, some of Vanessa’s belongings that have not been given to Doddy Sudrajat, also contributed to the wider problem between the two families. When appearing on a television station, the presenter briefly … Read more

Marsquakes reveal the ultra metal nature of the Red Planet’s core

Mars science discoveries can be so superficial — the search for water caches, terrestrial sampling, and other technical marvels tend to take place on the surface of the Red Planet (or a little above it). But while NASA’s Perseverance rover scoots around in Mars’s dust and gravel, there’s plenty deep within the planet itself that’s … Read more

VLA Images Reveal The Double Propeller Structure Of The Jet Emitted From The Black Hole Of The M87

Astronomers using the National Science Foundation’s (VLA) Very Large Array Karl G. Jansky have shown that a jet of material propelled from the center of a giant galaxy is channeled by a corkscrew-shaped magnetic field to nearly 3,300 light-years away of the central black hole of the galaxy. This is much further away than this … Read more

Boeing, NASA Reveal New 2022 Launch Date for Starliner Test Flight

NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore takes a picture of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft aboard ahead of then Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2) mission on August 2, 2021 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. NASA via Getty Images After four months of troubleshooting related to an aborted test … Read more

Elon Musk’s Mars Roadster comments reveal a big SpaceX problem

Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster is touring the Solar System, but orbiting Mars? Not quite. On Saturday, the SpaceX CEO took to Twitter to declare that his electric car was “currently orbiting Mars.” The only problem, as Smithsonian astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell pointed out, is that it’s actually orbiting the Sun. “[It] occasionally passes the orbit of … Read more

Jessica Iskandar Gender Reveal, Netizens Misfocus on Gestational Age : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag have just done a gender reveal for their future child. The gender reveal event was held in the Menteng area, Jakarta on Sunday (5/12) behind closed doors and only surrounded by family and friends. Also Read: Jessica Iskandar Called Pregnant First, the Father: Who Said? 5 Facts about … Read more