“A killer wanted to kill me.” The terrible revelation

Icon from the world pop music, Robbie Williams for the first time has revealed a shocking episode of his own vita. At the height of his career he was the target of a killer. “They had me hired per kill myself – Robbie tells the Mirror – but they left thanks to friends. That’s the … Read more

‘Squid Game’ Revelation Hoyeon Jung Reveals His Sudden Popularity

After midnight, Hoyeon Jung still receives text messages from friends, family and contacts from many agencies. She is surprisingly independent and answers all questions herself. “I’ve been working for so long,” she said, one phone in hand, the other in her lap. I’m used to lugging around from castings to fittings, to going on sets. … Read more

Gabriele Rossi, the actor reveals about the ex Gabriel Garko: “I’m worried about him”

The love, sometimes, it can transform in friendship. TO confirm it is Gabriele Rossi who told how the love story with Gabrile Garko then became a beautiful one friendship. In an interview with the weekly Nuovo, the actor confided breaking down that veil of confidentiality that characterizes it. Speaking of Garko, Rossi revealed: «We often … Read more

William and Kate, the revelation about Charlotte and George: “They love Shakira”

Real and normal. I little principles of Cambridge, George and Charlotte, they quarrel like common brothers their age, despite the titles and the bon ton rule their lives. To affirm it is precisely the dad, the Duke of Cambridge, William, in his new podcast Apple+ Time to Walk, where he told one split morning walks … Read more

Criticism of Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Part Two), the final battle is decided on Netflix

The animated series created by Kevin Smith returns to Netflix with a second round of five chapters in which the fate of Eternia will be decided. Good versus Evil. He-Man versus Skeletor. A contest that will not leave anyone indifferent. The wait is over. Netflix has finally released the second part of Masters of the … Read more

Maxi Lopez, the hot revelation about Wanda Nara: “When he was crazy …”

In Italy the interest in the most talked about couple of the period, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, has slowly waned. After the mini honeymoon in Dubai to rekindle a love dormant by scandals, in fact, the news has run out, but in Argentina now all we do is talk about Wanda Nara and Maxi … Read more

American Crime Story Revelation, Jonah Hill’s Sister … 5 Things To Know About Beanie Feldstein

Revealed in “Lady Bird” by Greta Gerwig in 2017, Beanie Feldstein plays Monica Lewinsky in “Impeachment: American Crime Story” and confirms her talent. Light on a solar actress and who has not finished talking about her. His name may not have entered everyone’s mind yet, but it is only a matter of time. Beanie Feldstein … Read more

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Is Better Than Original Because It Has More Strong Women, Says Sarah Michelle Gellar | Tomatazos

He-Man is one of the most iconic characters in the cartoons of the 80s and 90s, bringing a powerful hero who does not belong to those already established by the comics, and despite his incredible strength he lets out his human side. All the versions that have existed of Masters of the Universe they featured … Read more

‘Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’: An Excellent New Version Of The Icon Of The Eighties Called To Awaken The Controversy

This review has minor spoilers Controversy why? It is clear practically from the second episode of this very brief first half of the five-part season. And it’s a shame that the series is aimed at the less friendly generation of fans who experiment with their childhood myths, because ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation‘is a series … Read more

Masters Of The Revelation Universe: 6 Things To Remember Before Watching The New He-Man Series On Netflix

MADRID, July 22 (CulturaOcio) – Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the continuation of the mythical 80s animated series, comes to Netflix with its first five episodes. More than 35 years later of the emission of its last chapter, the showdown between He-Man and Skeletor returns with this production created by Kevin Smith, a self-confessed fan … Read more