Lawyer for Sonia Jesus’ fiance makes new and surprising revelations about the case

Living a real nightmare for two weeks, Sónia Jesus, ex-competitor of ‘Big Brother’ has done everything to protect her two younger daughters. 24 weeks pregnant and responsible for two minor daughters, Sónia Jesus lives a real nightmare with the arrest of her fiancé, Vítor Soares, suspected of being involved in a drug trafficking network. Frederico … Read more

Arcane Season 2: Riot’s unpublished revelations about the sequel to the hit Netflix series

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn This American-French animation series adapted from the world of video games League of Legends is carried out by Fortiche Production. She first appeared on our screens in November 2021 on the streaming platform Netflix.Acclaimed by critics who praised its animation, the success was enormous and Netflix wasted no time in … Read more

revelations about the Chinese repressive machine against the Uighurs

By Nathalie Guibert Posted today at 06:04, updated at 09:22 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationThousands of documents from the Chinese police, delivered to a researcher and published by international media, including “Le Monde”, recount the obsession with security in the internment camps of the Muslim minority in China. “If the students don’t listen to the … Read more

Behind the Anne Frank family whistleblower revelations, six years of investigation

Photo of Anne Frank’s passport lying on notebooks from her diary, which she wrote between June 1942 and August 4, 1944. DESK / AFP Six years of a “Cold Case” investigation and, ultimately, a discovery that will put an end to a question that has plagued Dutch society since the end of the Second World … Read more

“A killer wanted to kill me.” The terrible revelation

Icon from the world pop music, Robbie Williams for the first time has revealed a shocking episode of his own vita. At the height of his career he was the target of a killer. “They had me hired per kill myself – Robbie tells the Mirror – but they left thanks to friends. That’s the … Read more

Taylor Swift’s music not allowed in Trump’s White House, revelations from former adviser

Although the passage of former US President Donald Trump is already combined with the past on Uncle Sam’s country side, his administration continues to face criticism. Whether on social media, on TV or across the streets of the country, gloomy testimonies about the former statesman’s dispositions are not uncommon. A former White House official recently … Read more

Harry and Meghan, “bombshell evidence against the Duchess”. The revelations of the former head of communication

Jason Knauf, the former Sussex communications chief, was quoted in the press release on bullying the Duchess of Sussex against former staff members. Knauf played a key role in the revelations, complaining about the treatment given to three colleagues who, according to him, had been hunted by the Duchess. While Knauf was little known until … Read more

the hot revelations of the champion

Federica Pellegrini receives tonight the eighth Golden Tapir gives “Strip the news“. The swimming champion receives again the visit of the invitation of “Strip the news” Valerio Staffelli who gives her the coveted statuette for the recent controversies that have arisen following the statements of the colleague Massimiliano Rosolino: «Faith – he made it known … Read more

Sitges 2021: ‘Silent Night’ Is One Of The Revelations Of The Year And The Definitive Anti-Christmas Film Thanks To Its Uncomfortable Proposal

No spoilers. No trailers. No images. No information. The secrecy surrounding the excellent ‘Silent Night‘, the feature film debut of screenwriter and director Camille Griffin, produced by Matthew Vaughn and with an excellent cast, it will not leave anyone indifferent. Christmas of the year In the middle of 2021 it’s almost a provocation for a … Read more

Russia dismisses revelations about Putin in Pandora Papers

Journalist to Putin: “What are you so afraid of?” 4:41 (CNN) — Moscow described as “perversion of information” a report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the so-called Pandora Papers, on the wealth of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his associates, and has ruled out the need for a investigation. Speaking at a … Read more