Ria Ricis’s Mission to Bring Om Duck’s Bus Film OST: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ria Ricis is not only active as a YouTuber. This time, Teuku Ryan’s wife is undergoing activities as a singer. Ria Ricis was lined up to bring an original soundtrack for the film Bus Om Duck. Not just singing, Ria Ricis has a mission in this work. Also Read: Ria Ricis Is Pregnant? … Read more

Ria Ricis Confesses It Feels Like Touching Her Husband to Oki Setiana Dewi, Makes You Curious : Okezone Celebrity

MOMENT Letting go of his youngest brother with his life partner is the thing that Oki Setiana Dewi looks forward to the most. Oki has been used to being close to and guiding Ricis since he was young. Even after the festive reception of Ryan-Ricis’s wedding, Oki still doesn’t seem to want to be away … Read more

Gritte Agatha Didn’t Think There Was Gold in Ria Ricis’s Wedding Hampers! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Famous YouTuber Ria Ricis has held a marriage contract with Teuku Ryan at a five-star hotel in the South Jakarta area, on November 12, 2021. Teuku Ryan gave a dowry of 100 grams of precious metal, IDR 179.5 million in cash, and a set of prayer tools. The marriage ceremony was attended and … Read more

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan Hold a Wedding Reception, Brings the Fairyland Theme: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ria Ricis officially became the wife of Teuku Ryan. After carrying out the full day Ijab Kabul procession which was held on Friday (12/11/2021). Now both will celebrate the wedding reception. The second wedding reception will be broadcast live on MNCTV at 13.30 WIB today, Saturday (11/13/2021). Before the event started, RCTI+ invited … Read more

Marry Ria Ricis, Teuku Ryan Brings a Gift of Tableware Princess Image : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Today, Friday 12 November 2021, Teuku Ryan officially married Ria Yunita or better known as Ria Ricis. Married his lover, as a groom, Ryan brought a lot of gifts given to Ria Ricis as a groom. Also Read: Teuku Ryan: Ria Ricis is never annoying, it’s always fun A Peek at Ria Ricis … Read more

Siraman Ria Ricis Sprinkled with Jasmine, Beautiful Manglingi! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Today, Tuesday (9/11/2021), Ria Ricis held a siraman procession as one of her wedding events with her future husband, Teuku Ryan. She looks so charming in that moment. The siraman procession was broadcast live on the MOP Channel YouTube account. The netizens who watched also often praised his appearance through the chat column. … Read more

The reason Haru Ria Ricis didn’t sell her old house after getting married : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The famous YouTuber, Ria Ricis, plans to live with her future husband in a new house. He said he would not sell his old house. “After getting married, Ricis joined my brother, of course, in his new home, brother TR (Teuku Ryan) not far from Ricis’s house. Still going home to work as … Read more

Being the Silliest Couple at the 2021 Silet Awards with Teuku Ryan, Ria Ricis: Alhamdulillah: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Couple Ria Ricis and Tengku Ryan successfully won the Tersilet Couple award at the Silet Awards 2021, which was held today on Thursday (21/10/2021). They won the Tersilet Couple category. When they found out they were in this nomination, Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan had already practiced speaking as if he had won an … Read more

Trending, Ria Ricis & Teuku Ryan The Story of the PDKT Process Only 4 Days! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Indonesian Idol Season 9 dropout singer Ghea Indrawari again presents fun and entertaining content on her YouTube channel. This time, Ghea invited two special guest stars, namely the couple Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan, who just got engaged on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Due to many requests from fans, Ghea decided to make … Read more

Officially Proposed, Ria Ricis is Ready to Be Teuku Ryan’s Prospective Wife: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Happiness is felt by YouTubers Ria Ricis. She was recently proposed by the man she loves, Teuku Ryan, Thursday (23/9/2021) at a hotel in the South Jakarta area. Originally Teuku Ryan seen flanked by his parents to the venue of the application. His extended family from Aceh was even seen lining up neatly and … Read more