Ricky Martin broke the silence and spoke of his alleged surgery

This week, Ricky Martin has been a trend for the change in his face that was seen in an interview in Las Vegas. The singer is on tour with Enrique Iglesias, which Sebastián Yatra has also joined. The Puerto Rican generated a wave of memes by his swollen face. The Puerto Ricky fan club Instagram … Read more

After the wave of memes, they revealed the truth of what happened to Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Sebastián Yatra are giving the tour of their lives in the United States. However, his followers only speak of the Puerto Rican singer’s face and possible cosmetic surgery. Is that a few days ago, his face looked swollen in an interview he gave in Las Vegas and unleashed a wave … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love August 18, 2021: Ricky Pebinor! Shoot Elsa in Prison : Okezone Celebrity

RICKY (Rendi John) seems to never give up on winning the heart of Elsa (Glenca Chysara). Ricky is even willing to be the winner of people’s wives (pebinor) even though Elsa is still the wife of Nino (Evan Sanders). Ricky meets Elsa and dares to confess his love. Elsa was transfixed by Ricky’s statement. As … Read more

Ricky Harun Independent Commissioner of HKMU, Take a Peek at His Work in the Entertainment World : Okezone Celebrity

RICKY Harun was elected as Independent Commissioner at PT HK Metals Utama Tbk (HKMU). His work in the world of entertainment has also been known to the public. The 34-year-old man is known to have replaced the position of Aryo Widiwardhono, who has now been appointed as the main commissioner of HKMU, replacing Ngasidjo Achmad. … Read more

Kisses At Any Time: Carlos Vives’ Daughter Along With Mau And Ricky Surprises In A Music Video With Her Father

The multi-GRAMMY® winner, Carlos Vives, adds his talent to the Venezuelan duo Want y Ricky in “Kisses at Any Time”, a song that will be part of his long-awaited album Cumbiana 2. The happy single, which brings a message of love and positivism, is the musical debut of the daughter of the Colombian singer and … Read more

Tonight’s Bond of Love, Ricky Helped Elsa’s Escape But Leaves Traces : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Bond of Love tonight, Elsa (Glenca Chysara) managed to escape from her home. Now Elsa is confused where she should go. The name Ricky (Rendi Jhon) comes to mind. But then Elsa hesitated. Was he really going there? Meanwhile, Aldebaran (Arya Saloka), Andin (Amanda Manopo), and also Nino (Evan Sanders) continue to search … Read more

Ricky Martin Will Give A Benefit Concert: Find Out How To Watch It For Free

Ricky Martin, Puerto Rican singer and actor will give a concert charity that anyone can attend for free from the comfort of their home. The singer who established himself as a solo artist in 1991, becoming one of the best-selling and influential Latin artists in history, has released nine studio albums, three compilations and more … Read more

Ricky Martin And Other Artists Joined The Claims Against The Cuban Regime

Cuba reactions – Ricky Martin The Puerto Rican singer joined the list of artists who raised their voices this Sunday against the Cuban dictatorship, given the regime’s refusal to allow the entry of humanitarian aid, at a time when the island is experiencing the worst health situation due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The artist … Read more