Legislative. Costa and Rio measure forces in debate

The debate between the PS and PSD leaders will be broadcast by the three generalist television stations. It has an estimated duration of 75 minutes and will be moderated by João Adelino Faria, from RTP, Clara de Sousa, from SIC, and Sara Pinto, from TVI.RTP publishes at 1 pm a poll with voting intentions for … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: Duran Duran Brought Color And Optimism To The Gray And Sad Britain Of The 1980s On “Rio”

After the Christmas break, the cycle of articles Famous Albums, linked to the BBC television show of the same name, returns. This time we will grind into 1982 and look behind the scenes of the album “Rio”, the second studio recording of the British Duran Duran. How did it affect the following decades in music? … Read more

Synopsis of Ben & Jody Film Release January 27, 2021, Action Action of Chicco Jerikho and Rio Dewanto: Okezone Celebrity

SYNOPSIS the film ‘Ben & Jody’ will be briefly reviewed. Angga Dwi Sasongko as the director of the ‘Filosofi Kopi’ film franchise makes the character played by Chicco Jerikho and Rio Dewanto different from the previous film. Angga tries to turn Ben & Jody’s characters as friends who both work as coffee baristas into an … Read more

Despite Omicron, Rio de Janeiro comes back to life and enjoys the Brazilian summer

By Bruno Meyerfeld Posted today at 10:10 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThe Brazilian city is preparing to celebrate its famous carnival. But time is running out, because, since the end of December 2021, cases have started to rise again in Brazil, already severely affected by the Covid-19. Feet in the sand, comfortably seated on … Read more

Costa has the advantage, but Rio is also growing

António Costa leaves with an advantage over Rui Rio for the January 30 legislatives. According to an Aximage poll for the DN, JN and TSF, the Portuguese consider that the socialist is more competent, supportive and influential. And that will make, therefore, a better prime minister. But there are also positive signs for the Social … Read more

Rio, the ‘tough’ leader who has already defeated three internal opponents

Rui Rio could even become the third longest-lasting leader ahead of the Social Democrats, behind Cavaco Silva and Passos Coelho, as long as he fulfills at least one year of the term for which he was re-elected in November, and which will be confirmed on Sunday , at the magna meeting of Santa Maria da … Read more

In Serbia, a lithium mine project led by Rio Tinto faces an unprecedented sling

Roofs, windows and all other valuable items were removed by former residents from abandoned houses at the future Rio Tinto mine site in Gornje Nedeljice, Serbia on December 11, 2021. MARKO RISOVIC FOR “THE WORLD” It is as if the inhabitants had all left suddenly, but still taking the care to take their tiles and … Read more

See everything that happened at Rio das Ostras Jazz and Blues Festival 202

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Between November 12th and 15th, I had the immense pleasure of following the concerts of the 17th Rio das Oysters Jazz and Blues Festival, with an incredible lineup, the biggest free music event in Latin America. I talked to almost all the artists and the feeling that defined this … Read more

Two municipalities in Rio win in the race for quotas. But Rangel remains at the front

The PSD is at one of those defining moments. Once the votes of the militants are counted, on November 27th, little will remain the same: if Paulo Rangel takes the lead, there will be a clear change in the discourse, in the political direction of the party and in the faces of the protagonists; but … Read more

Yolanda Del Río: What Has Become Of The First Great Lady Of The Mexican Regional?

Before Paquita la del Barrio or Jenni Rivera, there was a Mexican regional singer who knew how to carry out her career in a macho world, practically alone and obtained a series of recognitions that made her one of the greatest interpreters of her genre between 1971 and 2001, the year in which he began … Read more