Comment: Roland Wöller is a security risk in Saxony

PLUS Saxony 05.12.2021 8:41 pm Roland Wöller is a security risk The torch demonstration in front of Petra Köpping’s house is a scandal. Saxony lacks a credible security apparatus, comments Annette Binninger. Right-wing extremist groups have been able to network unhindered in Saxony for years. The © Arvid Müller By Annette Binninger 2 Min. Reading … Read more

no risk of “black-out” in France, even if winter promises to be “under vigilance”, according to RTE

In Quedillac (Ille-et-Vilaine), February 12, 2021. DAMIEN MEYER / AFP In prospect of snowflakes and extreme cold, the question has something to shudder: would France have to fear an electricity shortage? Reassuring answer: even in the worst scenario, the national manager of the Electricity Transmission Network (RTE) always excludes any risk of “black-out” and of … Read more

Caution. The food that increases the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes

SAccording to an article published by The Sun, experts warn that there is a type of food that is responsible for an ‘outbreak’ of cancer and for cases of type 2 diabetes. Health authorities recommend that adults not eat more than 70g of red or processed meat a day. Official guidance states that red meat … Read more

NASA wants to smash a spacecraft into an asteroid, but don’t worry. Earth isn’t at risk.

Later this month, NASA will launch a mission to smack an asteroid into a new orbit to prepare for the possibility that an asteroid in the future might threaten Earth. But don’t worry, experts agree that there is no possibility that (even if it goes awry) this asteroid-smashing could threaten Earth. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection … Read more

The Christmas holidays of 10 million Italians are at risk

Ettore Prandini Coldiretti alarm for Christmas tourism. In fact, with the advancement of infections, the holidays of 10 million Italians are at risk, for a cost of 4.1 billion only for domestic tourists, of which almost 1/3 destined for food, including souvenirs and lunches and dinners in restaurants. and farmhouses. Inevitable new restriction measures linked … Read more

Rising sea freight prices risk slowing global recovery, UNCTAD warns

The port of Garden City (Georgia, United States), November 12. SEAN RAYFORD / AFP Maritime transport, which sits on the crest line of globalization, offers one of the best perspectives on the transformation of the planet’s economy. However, at the time of Covid-19, the report on maritime transport published Thursday, November 18 by the United … Read more

Teleworking from abroad is now a luxury and ultimately a risk of job relocation

The health crisis has proven it: remote work works. Teleworking has even become an argument for attracting recruiters. ” In a job interview, one in two candidates asks to be permanently teleworked », Explains Jonathan Astruc, co-founder of Digitevent, a software publisher for event organizers, which employs 25 people in France. In his company, three … Read more

Coffee drinkers are more at risk of kidney disease

The protective effect of coffee on the kidneys is questioned by a new study. American. CATHERINE FRUHINSHOLZ / BIOSPHOTOS Does drinking coffee promote kidney disease? This is what suggests a large American study published on November 4 in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN). The health effects of this beverage among … Read more

the risk of an escalation between Morocco and Algeria

An Algerian soldier patrols along the border with Morocco near the Moroccan city of Oujda on November 3, 2021. FADEL SENNA / AFP The incident testifies to the critical turn taken by an Algerian-Moroccan crisis which threatens every day more the strategic balance in the Western Maghreb. Algiers promised on Wednesday 3 November that the … Read more

In South Africa, municipal elections at high risk for the ANC

A polling station at a church in Alexandra, a township in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, on November 1, 2021. GUILLEM SARTORIO / AFP More than 26 million South Africans started Monday morning 1is November, sparingly, to go to the polls for municipal elections at high risk for the party in power since the end … Read more