Squid Game – Even harder than Battle Royale? Netflix Rehearsing Deadly Game!

To this day, Suzanne Collins never claims anything from Battle Royale – Only one can survive heard, seen or read while she was about to breathe life into her cult figure Katniss Everdeen. The writer of the millionaire bestseller The Hunger Games – The Hunger Games, in which a young woman confronts the morbid laws … Read more

Battle Royale, the ancestor of Squid Game, only better and in 4K Ultra HD

Long before Squid Game, this anticipatory film located between Punishment Park by Peter Watkins and New York 1997 de Carpenter was already enjoying huge success. It is now announced for the first time on Blu ‑ Ray and the Ultimate 4K Ultra HD Edition. In an indefinite future plagued by high unemployment and increasing acts … Read more

Crab Game: The Battle Royale on PC Inspired by the Squid Game Series on Netflix

Game news Crab Game: The Battle Royale on PC Inspired by the Squid Game Series on Netflix Published on 11/16/2021 11:10 AM Squid Game was the audiovisual phenomenon of the start of the 2021 school year. The Netflix series has won the day, once again highlighting productions from South Korea. It did not take long … Read more

Casino Royale: The Torture Scene Could Have Been More Brutal According To Mads Mikkelsen

Released in 2006, “Casino Royale” was the start of the change for the James Bond films. New actor, new style and new brutality, like a particularly harsh torture sequence. Yet, according to Mads Mikkelsen, things could have gone much further, if director Martin Campbell hadn’t brought everyone to their senses. 17″You know my name” Goodbye … Read more

Fortnite: Ariana Grande Would Soon Arrive At The Battle Royale Along With A Concert | LevelUp

Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Fortnite continues to grow and reach a very wide audience thanks to collaborations with different entertainment franchises and celebrities. Epic Games is constantly working on new partnerships and apparently the expected appearance of Ariana Grande in the Battle Royale will … Read more

Amelia Windsor, la ‘royale’ qui ose porter des chaussures rock lors des galas

contrairement à ses contemporains de sang bleu, Amélie Windsor Elle s’est toujours distinguée par son audace lorsqu’il s’agit de s’habiller. Il sait parfaitement contourner les codes formels de l’invité sans paraître déplacé, penchant presque toujours vers les mode vintage et la chaussure confortable. Bien que le mannequin soit classé 41e dans la lignée de succession … Read more

en Corse, la voie royale pour l’autonomiste Gilles Simeoni

Le président sortant de la Corse Gilles Simeoni vote le 20 juin 2021, dans le centre de Bastia. PAUL ORTOLI / LE MONDE Avec un taux de participation de 57,08 %, contrairement à la tendance nationale, le premier tour en Corse des élections territoriales a marqué la nette avance du président exécutif sortant, Gilles Simeoni … Read more