Legislative. Costa and Rio measure forces in debate

The debate between the PS and PSD leaders will be broadcast by the three generalist television stations. It has an estimated duration of 75 minutes and will be moderated by João Adelino Faria, from RTP, Clara de Sousa, from SIC, and Sara Pinto, from TVI.RTP publishes at 1 pm a poll with voting intentions for … Read more

″Populist and with political faction.″ PSD contests criticism from the Association of Judges

© Diana Quintela/Global Images (archive) ForJosé Milheiro and Rui Oliveira Costa December 31, 2021 • 19:03 The PSD did not like the words used by the president of the Association of Judges, Manuel Soares, about the reform that the party wants to carry out in court. Deputy Mónica Quintela accuses the judge of “populism” and … Read more

Costa has the advantage, but Rio is also growing

António Costa leaves with an advantage over Rui Rio for the January 30 legislatives. According to an Aximage poll for the DN, JN and TSF, the Portuguese consider that the socialist is more competent, supportive and influential. And that will make, therefore, a better prime minister. But there are also positive signs for the Social … Read more

Rui Moreira 47 points ahead of PS and PSD in Porto

Rafael Barbosa Today at 09:00 Independent would have 59% in the elections for the Chamber, according to a survey by Aximage for the JN, DN and TSF. Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro (PS) and Vladimiro Feliz (PSD) tied with 12%. This is followed by Ilda Figueiredo, from CDU (6%) and Sérgio Aires, from BE (4%). If local … Read more

Rio reduces deputies to 215 and decomposes five major circles

Carla Soares Yesterday at 16:00 Rui Rio presented the reduction in the number of deputies from 230 to 215 within the scope of the reform of the electoral system, in a “moderate” proposal to reach an agreement, but admits that he would like it to be “more bold”, with fewer elected representatives: 211. Decomposes the … Read more

Survey. Large majority of Portuguese wants government reshuffle

Since May, the Portuguese are even more demanding a remodeling of the Government. In total, 71 percent of respondents believe that Prime Minister António Costa should replace some of the members of the executive. In May, it was 51 percent of respondents pointing to this need to make changes in the Government. If in May … Read more