“La Uruguaya”, An Unusual Film Experiment That Defies The Rules

Argentine Sebastián Arzeno and Uruguayan Fiorella Bottaioli star in “La Uruguaya”. (Credit: photo courtesy of Esteban Madriaga) (CNN Español) — In the streets of Montevideo, the filming of “La uruguaya”, a film based on the novel by the Argentine Pedro Mairal, is already underway. So far, nothing out of the ordinary: a film that starts … Read more

Karel Gott started for Vladimír Mišík in the album chart, Ed Sheeran still rules the radio

The winners of the domestic rankings have not changed in the past week, but there have been numerous shifts behind them. On the radio, the leader Edu Sheeran is stepping on the heels of Duo Lip and Imagine Dragons, in the albums the soundtrack to the long-awaited film “Karel” took second place under Vladimír Mišík. … Read more

“The cryptocurrency universe must submit to anti-money laundering rules”

European Financial Services Commissioner Mairead McGuinness on January 19, 2021, in Brussels. POOL NEW / REUTERS Faced with the rise of fintech and cryptocurrencies, Brussels is working to strengthen its legislative arsenal, explains European Financial Services Commissioner Mairead McGuinness. It also underlines the role that the taxonomy of sustainable activities deployed by the Commission can … Read more

The Czech Nightingale began a new era with a changed voting system and rules. Karel Gott cannot win posthumously

The renewed poll Český slavík has started. After four years, fans can once again decide on their favorite singers and bands, to which the hip hop and rap categories have recently been added. However, the method of voting has changed – the so-called D21 method, chosen by the mathematician and social reformer Karel Janeček, who, … Read more

US Immigration Rules: The Curious Ending of Trump’s Ordinance 9993

Mor more than 540 days was a prescription9993 in force. And it caused a lot of dramas. British tennis player Emma Raducanu made it to the final of the US Open, but her parents were not allowed to watch. British actress Megan Prescott was initially unable to visit her sister, who was hit by a … Read more

Where are only those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated against corona in? These rules apply in the federal states

19. September 2021 – 9:43 clock Where does 2G apply? Where does 3G apply? Who else can go in where? This question brings to light once again the old patchwork of country decisions. Because while some federal states already give restaurateurs and operators of public facilities and leisure activities the opportunity to only let in … Read more

New corona rules in the southwest: For whom a test is apparently soon to apply – Baden-Württemberg

From red / dpa September 11, 2021 – 12:04 p.m. The newspapers refer to a current draft of the country’s new Corona regulation. Photo: dpa / Oliver Berg What exactly will be in the new Corona regulation in Baden-Württemberg is not yet known. But one thing is certain: the wind is blowing stronger and stronger … Read more