In Turkey, the “gold rush” of cryptocurrencies

Outside a bureau de change, Istanbul, Turkey, November 8, 2021. BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES “The price of bitcoin fell last night”, Guven worries, barely awake, at the sight of the downward curve of the graph on his phone screen. “Having said that, I am “come home” », He relativizes in a common expression among cryptocurrency … Read more

rush on townhouses in Rouen

The average price for an apartment in Rouen is 2,448 euros / m², according to data from MeillAgents. ROBERT FRANCOIS/AFP CREATIVE / PHOTONONSTOP A cathedral adjoining the banks of the Seine, half-timbered houses, one of the last gallery cemeteries in France – Saint-Maclou: Rouen (Seine-Maritime) seduces with its cachet. It also attracts individuals, particularly Ile-de-France … Read more

rush for antigen testing in pharmacies across France

A pharmacist does a nasal test in Saint-Pee-sur-Nivelle (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), December 4, 2021. BOB EDME / AP In front of the Laquitinie pharmacy, in the 13e district of Paris, a dozen people conscientiously masked are waiting next to a deserted Covid-19 screening tent. At lunchtime, almost everyone now goes behind the counter to perform an antigen … Read more

investment rush on tourism. Focus on the Italian market

An all-Italian bet for Saudi Arabia. The country has recently embarked on its ascent into the international tourism landscape with the project Vision 2030 which aims “to bring the contribution of tourism to the national GDP up to 10%, compared to the current share, just over 3% – he claims Abdullah Al Dakhil, spokesperson and … Read more

In Paris, at rush hour, bicycles outnumber cars on certain routes

By Pierre Breteau Posted today at 8:00 a.m. FactualIN A GRAPHIC – On the occasion of Car Free Day, we compared the number of cyclists and motorists on Magenta and Voltaire boulevards in Paris. On Sunday September 19, the City of Paris is organizing its seventh Car-Free Day: car and motorized two-wheeler traffic will be … Read more

Telecommuting has put an end to rush hour

Even among those who return to face-to-face work, the experience of teleworking has changed their conception of “office hours” and of work. MARTYNA PAWLAK FOR “THE WORLD” For years, office workers have had little hidden advantages: the ability to photocopy documents requested by an administration, the ability to print a form requested by the school … Read more

The IPad Air 2020 256GB Is Now Cheaper Than The 64GB Model, If And Only If You Are Not In A Rush For Delivery

The iPad Air 2020 is the perfect compromise between the classic iPad and the iPad Pro, because it offers an almost high-end experience for a price more contained than the latter. The 256 GB model of the Apple tablet is in the spotlight today on Amazon since its price goes from 839 euros to 615 … Read more

Kabul airport rush causes several deaths, time is running out before evacuations are over

Passengers wait on the tarmac at Kabul airport to board an Italian military plane for their way to Rome, Sunday August 22, 2021. – / AFP Airport congested, security threats, and first deaths … A week after the Taliban seizure of power in Afghanistan, thousands of people are still trying, Sunday August 22, to flee … Read more

Bangladesh: despite the pandemic, workers rush to work

By AFP Published on August 6, 2021 © 2021 AFP – Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis stormed trains and buses to return to work on Saturday, the government having announced the reopening of exporting garment workshops, despite a deadly new wave of coronavirus in the country. Shutterstock While the economy of the Southeast Asian country … Read more